2000HRM Management And Leadership In Marketing: Portfolio Of Seminar Activities

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Faculty of Business and Law Assignment 

Brief Academic Year 2019/20

Module Title: Management and Leadership in Marketing

Module Code: 2000HRM

Assignment Number: 1

Assignment Title: Portfolio of seminar activities

Assignment Weighting: 100%

Assessment Information:

This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes: The student should be able to: 1. Critically understand the differences between managerial and leadership tasks and function in marketing contexts 2. Understand how the application of effective leadership and management principles can enhance the performance of people and teams in marketing contexts 3. Understand leadership, the dynamics of team leadership and their impact on employer branding 4. Examine the drivers of management behaviour and the limits in which managers operate in marketing contexts.

This assignment is an individual portfolio assignment and requires you to write a report on the following task;

• You are to produce a portfolio totalling 4000 words. • You are to choose 6 out of the 8 seminar activities you undertake in class. • Write these up, and critically analyse and evaluate each topic, drawing on academic literature sources, and include appropriate references in the Coventry University Harvard format. • For each seminar activity you should write an approximately equal amount of words.

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