200425 Economics Quarter 1 2020 Workshop Questions Short Answer

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2.4 Assessment Details

2.4.1 Workshop questions

The purpose of this assessment is to evaluate students’ ability to critically reflect on the economic perspectives of growth and wellbeing, macroeconomic cycles, globalisation, trade and development and to make policy recommendations to improve economic outcomes.

Students will be given three questions from topics 1-4 that may be explaining theory or applications of theory or critical reflections on theory. In each case, students will be required to develop a thesis statement and write 350 words (1,050 words in total) for each question to defend their thesis. 

Students will be given the chance to work on the answers in class during ’peer supported learning’ sessions with other group members. However, the written work should be the student’s own, and requires the development of a thesis statement and the strength of argument to support the thesis statement. In addition, time will be devoted during class where feedback can be given in person amongst the student group as well as from the teacher.

It is expected that during the workshop, each student will contribute to the group discussion. However, the final submission of answers will be due in Week 5. Thus, students will be able to work on their answers through the first five weeks and continuously revise them as they talk with their work-group and the teacher during the peer supported learning sessions.

Other details include:
1. Students can collaborate as much as they like as part of group discussion, but the writing must be their own. Thus, the final version submitted in Week 5 cannot be identical with other group members.
2. Turnitin submission is required (see general submission requirements). The main criteria are that each student is expressing the ideas in their own words.
3. A hard copy containing the three, 350 word answers must be submitted during class in Week 5.

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