200776 Compliance Management Quarter 1 2020 Summative Assessment Answer Module-2

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2.4.2 Critical Review of Module 2 (Risk Management) or Module 3 (Performance Measurement)

Students are to prepare a report on an area of risk in an industry of their choosing (all learning outcomes). The focus in this exercise is on the development of research skills. Therefore, students are expected to refer to a balance of relevant articles from academic, industry and government sources. Examples taken from newspaper and magazine articles may also be used to illustrate particular aspects of the report but must not be the dominant source of research information.
Approximate number of words of the document: 1,000 words plus or minus 10 per cent.

Each report should be written under the following sub headings:
Executive summary:
A concise summary of the information contained in the body of the report. An executive summary is not an introduction, an abstract, or a summary. Since it is worth 25 per cent of the marks, serious attention should be paid to this section.
Industry overview:
A description of the industry being considered. The description should set the context in which the study has been conducted.
A major area of risk in this industry:
Note that this is not an examination of any firm-specific risk, but rather a description of an area of risk that needs to be dealt with in the chosen industry. This section should provide a quantitative and/or qualitative assessment of the effects of inappropriate management of the risk.
Standards relating to the identified risk area:

A description of industry and government standards applying to the identified risk area. Developments in dealing with the identified risk area in this industry. A review of appropriate industry commentary on developments in dealing with the identified area of risk. 

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