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300583 Web Systems Development


In Practical Set 1, you will create a simple website by ASP.NET Core Razor pages for a fictitious pizza shop named "Gourmet Pizza". This pizza shop sells four types of pizzas, which are detailed in the following table:

Pizza Type
Pizza Name
BBQ Beef
Chicken and Pineapple
Pepperoni Feast

Table 1: Pizza Details

Steps for completing this practical set

  1. Create an ASP.NET Core Razor Pages project named "GourmetPizza" with Visual Studio.
  2. In 'Solution Explorer', create a folder named "PizzaTest" under the "Pages" folder of your project.
  3. Create a Razor page named "Index" under the "PizzaTest" folder. Modify the automatically- generated 'Index.cshtml' file to display the Table 1 above in an HTML table.
  4. In 'Solution Explorer', create a folder named 'images' under the 'wwwroot' folder of your project. Then, create an image file for each of the four pizza types and store these four files under the 'images' folder. You can download images from Internet and then modify them. When searching images on the Internet, you should use royalty-free image websites such as Pixabay and Unsplash to avoid copyright issues. The four images should all:
    • Have a resolution of 800 X 400 pixels.
    • Be in one image format such as jpeg, bmp, png, etc.
    • Roughly illustrate their corresponding pizza types.

Hint: "wwwroot" is the folder for storing static contents such as images, js, css, etc of your project. This folder can be referred to by the "~" character in URL. For example, the <img> element to display the image "wwwroot/images/xxx.jpg" should be written as <img src="~/images/xxx.jpg"

/> in HTML document.

  1. Create another Razor page named 'Purchase' under the 'PizzaTest' folder. This page should process the following kind of queries:

This processing requires you to modify the OnGet() function in the 'Purchase.cshtml.cs' file as follows:

  1. Add two function parameters: int PizzaType and int PizzaCount
  2. Calculate the total price for purchasing pizzas of PizzaType with the quantity of PizzaCount. The pricing should be based on the Table 1 above.
  3. Pass the following values to the content file 'Purchase.cshtml' by the ViewData dictionary:
    1. The pizza name corresponding to the PizzaType based on Table 1.
    2. The total price to pay.

Hint: the easiest way to implement this function is to use the “switch” statement in C#. See

Modify the content file 'Purchase.cshtml' such that it can:

  1. Display the name of the pizza purchased in an <h4> heading.
  2. Display the image corresponding to that pizza name underneath the pizza name.
  3. Display the total price to pay in an <h3> heading below the pizza image.

Hint: You need to embed C# code into the content file with Razor syntax. Again a ‘switch’ statement gives you the most efficient implementation. Inside this ‘switch’ statement, you decide the image file name for the pizza and store it into a string variable, say, ‘imagefile’. Then, in the

<img> tag, you can do <img src="~/images/@imagefile"/>.

Also, look at our sample project for Lecture 2.

Modify the "Pages/Index.cshtml" to implement the following:

  1. Add a carousel that uses the four pizza images created in Step 4. (hint: to make the images occupy the full width, you need to add a CSS style "width:100%" for the images; you can refer to our sample project in lecture 3)
  2. The images should be rotated every 3 seconds. (hint: you can use the "data- interval" attribute of carousel to achieve this)
  3. The captions should indicate the type of the pizza.
  4. Create a Model class for pizzas. The class name should be "Pizza". The properties of this class should reflect the columns in Table 1. The property names are of your choice. For example, you can use a property named either "ID" or "PizzaID" to match the "Pizza Type" column.
  5. Create a 'Pizzas' folder under the 'Pages' folder. Then, use scaffolding to create the Razor pages for CRUD operations on the Pizza database table under the 'Pizzas' folder.
  6. Modify the ConfigureServices() method in Startup.cs file such that SQLite is injected as the DBMS instead of the SQL Server LocalDB. The name of the database file should be "PizzaShop.db".
  7. Use migration to create this SQLite database.
  8. Modify the "_Layout.cshtml" file to add a hyperlink with the text "Pizza Index" into the navigation bar. This hyperlink should point to the Index page under the 'Pizzas' folder. (hint: refer to our sample project accompanying lecture 4).
  9. Modify the "Pages/Index.cshtml" further to implement the following:
  10. The area beneath the carousel is divided into two combined columns. The first combined column consists of 8 columns in the 12-column grid system, and the second combined column consists of the remaining 4 columns.
  11. The two combined columns should be stacked vertically if the screen width is less than 768px.
  12. The first combined column should contain a welcome message to this Gourmet Pizza shop; the second combined column should contain the following links arranged vertically in a bullet list.
    • Home: link to the Index page under 'Pages' folder.
    • Pizzas Index: link to the Index page under the 'Pages/Pizzas' folder.
    • Privacy: link to the Privacy page under the 'Pages' folder.
  13. Run the GourmetPizza project and use the web interface from this project (i.e., the Create page) to add the data in Table 1 into the database.

An exemplar testing result after completing this practical set

Click the "Pizzas Index" link in the navigation bar, the following should appear roughly. Note that since the Pizza ID column is taken as the primary key, it won't appear by defaul

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