4 process law case study

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Dilemma of the Students 

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About the subject 4 process law case study

The total compliance of law is achieved through a 4-step approach that is well provided in case study writing service. They are as follows:

  1. Risk identification
  2. Risk assessment
  3. Risk management
  4. Review

The above mentioned 4-step method is generally applied to showcase the utmost commitment before seniors of the board as the compliance competitive law. Here is an detailed description of the 4 process law case study -

Risk Identification

It is the first step for one to take involving an accurate identification of all the possible areas of hazard. The nature of threat depends on both the nature as well as the size of the business. The major threats that one is to keep in their mind is

  1. The fixed prices
  2. The engaging of bid rigging
  3. The limit production
  4. The share markets
  5. The customers

Things to keep in mind -

  1. The customer is your closest competitor
  2. The staff attending trade or professional association functions along with your competitors
  3. They might be preparing to leave your company in order to join your competitor company
  4. The employees with commercially sensitive information 
  5. The employees who can move around never sticking in one place

Risk assessment:

There are at least three levels of risks of 4 process law case study mentioned here and they are as follows –

High risk – Some functioning members of the business like senior managers, staff in the marketing or sales department, the staff posted in high operating roles of purchasing and procurement, etc. are considered to be high risk jobs. This is because they are intricately involved in business trade meetings, apt in dealing with the company’s competitors, accountable for setting product prices as well as selecting new staff members and any mistake by them would mean a grand failure for the company.

Medium risk – This group denoted by the holders of management roles that does not involve any regular contact of this group with the company’s competitors or trading experts, the back-end staff. 

Low risk – This is the group that consists of the back office staff, manual labor staff, Human resource staff along with the people who are involved the administrative or clerical roles as well as the retail staff of the front line.

Risk Mitigation:

It is the third step of 4 process law case study known as risk mitigation. This involves appropriate training activities that brings into notice the behavioral changes that takes place in the mind of an employee in the organization in order to achieve a certain level of culture as well as competition in the compliance with regulation. To solve this problem a company usually takes help of the external lawyers to receive some sort of relief. The employee who has been engaged in the nefarious activities are also dismissed effectively from their service after taking certain measures.


It is the third step of 4 process law case study popularly known as a review process that keeps in store all the appraisals to make sure that the company adapts well with the changes that are ceaselessly happening inside as well as outside the company that can make a business lose their market space. With the help of a study case student can be prepared to take the next step if they as professionals face such dilemma ever.

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