400210 Proposal For A Health Promotion Project: Proposal Assessment Answer

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400210 Health Promotion and the Nurse Spring 2020


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2500 words
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Applied Project

Aim of assessment

This assessment aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge to develop and plan a health promotion initiative for a group or groups within their local community. The 

assessment is designed to meet unit learning outcomes 3, 4, 5 and 6. In completing the assignment, students will be able to collaborate and liaise with colleagues from other disciplines while preparing and researching for the assignment (LO 3). Students will undertake a needs analysis, plan objectives, present a plan of implementation and an evaluation strategy for their chosen initiative (LO 4), as well as applying their strategies for health promotion to clinical and community areas (LO 5) and creating a health promotion proposal (LO 6).

Details There is a word limit of 2500 words. Use your computer to tell you the length of your report from in- troduction to conclusion, excluding reference list to determine approximately how many words you have written. Do not include appendices in the word count. If you exceed the word limit by more than 10%, the marker may stop marking at the 2500 word plus 10% point (at 2,750 words).

Develop a proposal for a health promotion project relevant to your local government population or the community area where you are currently living. This proposal should address an identified need and reflect the current health promotion strategies and frameworks. The proposed project is to be submitted in a report format and should include main and sub-headings as well as appropriate appendices. The proposal report should contain the following main sections:

  • Title
  • Introduction/Background
  • Aims and Objectives
  • Implementation Plan
  • Teaching/activities (including teaching plan)
  • Resources
  • Evaluation Plan
  • References
  • Appendices

Student instructions

  1. Title: Decide on a creative name for your proposed Health Promotion project.
  2. Discuss and introduce the background of your project in relation to health issue (s) it aims to address . Identify the health issue(s) requiring change applicable to your local government and/or community area (with a strong rationale for the need). Support your work with recent and relevant literature to support the identified need.
  3. List the aims and objectives or aims and goals of your program. Identify the proposed overall goal/aim (s), and

then create some measurable objectives (both short and long-term) for the health promotion project.

  1. Describe the strategies the project will use to address the objectives by writing an implementation plan (eg. steps for the planning and implementation of the project). This can be in point form using sentences but some explanation of each step in your plan must be written with support from the literature. Alternatively, you can create a table format to outline and discuss the implementation steps, but this must also be supported with in-text references.
  2. Create a specific teaching/activity plan for one set of activities or for one specific activity. Support from the literature is required for the teaching plan. You can include the teaching plan as a 1-2-page table in your appendix and refer to it in your discussion of the implementation plan within your report.
  3. Provide a plan for the resources required to implement your project or list the resources you may need. Please

note that you do not have to include a budget for your project but you must at least consider the need (or absence of a need) for funding as one issue in the formation of your proposal, and account for this in some way in your action plan and/or supporting discussion under the section on resources.

Develop and discuss a proposed evaluation plan for your health promotion project supported by the literature.

Discuss how you would design the three types of evaluation, namely process, impact and outcome evaluation to evaluate the project.

Use evidence from the literature to discuss all components. Include a reference list of any resource material

you use. For example, if you adapt or use another program’s (published) evaluation format and adjusted it to suit your own program, you must clearly acknowledge the full reference details of the original source.\

Appendices are to be attached after the reference list and presented as per APA Style or can be emailed to

the Unit coordinator on submission of the project if in pdf or ppt format. (Appendices are not included in the word count):

  • Appendix 1: A proposed teaching plan (1-2 pages. Table format may be used) which forms part of the im- plementation plan discussed in the body of the proposal. Support from in-text references is required for the teaching plan where factual information is provided.
  • Appendix 2: One example of an evaluation strategy or an evaluation process (for example, a survey or set of questions for a focus group) suitable for the proposal evaluation. Support from the literature is required for the example evaluation strategy.
  • Appendix 3: One example of a resource to support the proposed health promotion project is to be attached as the third appendix. Choose one of the following: (i) a pamphlet; (ii) a recruitment poster; or iii) a PowerPoint presentation which would be used to explain and present the project to a target audience. The resource may be developed by you or obtained from the literature and adapted for use in your project, but must be referenced appropriately. The proposal and resource package should be able to be implemented and must be relevant to the health issue and the target population.

Appendices format requirements

  • Students need to scan and paste their appendices into a word document immediately following the Reference List for the proposal and submit electronically in one document where possible.
  • Provisions will be made, however, for students to email tutors any attachments for this assessment which are too large to be attached to the electronic submission (for example, a PowerPoint presentation with audio). These instructions will be placed on the vUWS site.

Style requirements

  • You are expected to write in a scholarly an academic style even though this is a report of a Health Promotion Proposal you have designed. This means that you are expected to use formal language and scientific terms and expressions where appropriate. However, you can also use tables, headings, point form and objective formats where appropriate. The use of a Table of Contents in your report is optional.
  • This report is to be typed and typing must be legible, at least 12 font, double-spaced, with 3cm wide margins

and printing on one side of the page only (to allow for feedback to be inserted on-line).

  • All marking and grading for the Unit will occur on-line through Grade Mark.
  • Non-submission of any assessment item will result in a Fail Non-Submission (FNS) grade for the unit.
  • Originals only may be submitted in word format only (no pdfs).
  • Photocopies or scans -even of your own work, are not acceptable because the plagiarism software is unable to read it.
  • Students are required to keep an exact copy of all written work submitted.

Referencing requirements

  • You are expected to read widely and include your readings as support within in your proposal. You must, however, acknowledge the source of all your information using appropriate in-text referencing and APA 7 and in a Reference List at the end of your proposal.
  • Strictly follow the APA 7 style for the references both in text and in the final reference list.
  • The library at Western Sydney University provides a shortened guide based on the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.). (American Psychological Association, 2010)
  • Reference list is to include at least eight texts or journal articles ( 2015). If you include work dated priorto 2015 because it is seminal or relevant to your topic area, please ensure that you include at least 8 other references published after 2015.
  • Use of nonacademic literature is not acceptable. Further, it is not acceptable to copy any information from other sources, including Websites or other electronic sources, other students, books, journals, etc., and present it as your own work (please see Student Misconduct Rule Policy.
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