400210 Social Determinants Of Health On Implementation Of Health Promotion Program Assessment Answer

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400210 Health Promotion and the Nurse Spring 2020

Unit Details

Unit Code:400210
Unit Name:Health Promotion and the Nurse
Credit Points:10
Unit Level:7

Assessment Details


Type of Collaboration:Individual
Length:2000 words
Curriculum Mode:Essay

Aim of assessment

This assessment equips students with the skills and knowledge to critically analyse an existing health promotion initiative. The aim of the assessment is to describe a health promotion program or initiative and analyse the influence of the social determinants of health on the planning and implementation of the program. Completion of this assignment will enable students to discriminate between the broad range of social determinants of health that can influence the health of the community (LO 1); critically analyse international, national, and state policy on health promotion (LO 2), and provide an opportunity for students to collaborate and liaise with colleagues from other disciplines (LO 3).


There is a word limit of 2000 words. Use your computer to tell you the length of your essay from introduction to conclusion, excluding reference list to determine how many words you have written. Do not include the reference list at the end of your essay in the word count. If you exceed the word limit by more than 10%, the marker may stop marking your essay at the 2000 word plus 10% point (i.e. at approx. 2,200 words).

Choose a health promotion initiative that is relevant to your area of clinical practice and write an essay on the following topic:

Describe the Health Promotion program and discuss the target population. Analyse the influence of the Social Determinants of Health (SDH) on the planning and implementation of the program.

Choosing a health promotion initiative

A selection of Australian health promotion programs and initiatives are available at the following links or you can find your own program from the research data bases or a health promotion website. Further information about choosing a suitable health promotion program is available on the vUWS site under assessment 1 400210 Assessment 1 Guidelines for Students. You will find a selection of suitable programs at the following links:

Australian Government Department of Health website under initiatives and program


health promotion programs and projects from Victorian Health

Please note: Students enrolled in offshore programs may focus on an initiative or program from their own community or country but need to be able to access information from secondary sources to describe, explain and critique the program. Alternatively, if your clinical setting has a health promotion program or initiative unique to your facility, and you can obtain enough information to examine and critique the initiative (with permission if necessary), then you may choose a local initiative to discuss.

Student instructions

  1. Introduce your essay. An essay should have a distinct introduction that draws attention to the focus of the task, introduces the health promotion program and population, provides a thesis statement which links the population group to the Social Determinants of Health (SDH), and previews the main points to be developed within the body of your essay.
  2. Describe the health promotion initiative you have chosen (what, where, when, what is the goal/expected outcomes) (Criterion 1)
  3. Describe and discuss the characteristics of the target population with reference to the literature (Criterion 1).
  4. Explain the program in relation to the needs of the population group (Criterion 1). For example, does the aim/objective/focus of the program seem justified to meet the needs of the population group with that particular program?
  5. Identify three or more SDH that influence the health of that population group (based on your previous description of the population group) (Criterion 2).
  6. Critically discuss the influence of these three (3) or more SDH on the planning and implementation of the health promotion initiative (Criterion 2). In your critical discussion, for example, discuss at least three (3) social determinants of health that are addressed well, or are not addressed well, or not addressed at all, or partially addressed, or could have been addressed better, in relation to your chosen program. Provide evidence from recent, relevant literature to support your discussion and critique in criterion 2.
  7. Optional: If the health promotion initiative you have chosen has already been formally evaluated, you may wish to examine the influence of Social Determinants of Health (SDH) on the outcomes (evaluation) of your chosen health promotion initiative, thereby extending your discussion in criterion 2.
  8. Conclude your essay. Writing a clear conclusion that summarises all the main points of your essay and provide a final or closing statement that draws insightful implications or recommendations for the population group and/or health promotion practice to finish off your discussion (Criterion 3).
  9. Remember that acknowledgment of referenced sources, synthesis and critical appraisal of the literature is required to support your discussion (Criterion 3).

Style Requirements

  • Use a formal essay protocol for this assignment; i.e., no use of headings or dot point form.
  • The work is to conform to the conventions of academic writing, with logical flow of ideas, clarity and conciseness of expression, non-discriminatory use of language, and consistently accurate spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence and paragraph construction.
  • This essay is to be typed and typing must be legible, at least 12 font, double-spaced, with 3cm wide margins and printing on one side of the page only (to allow for feedback to be inserted on-line).
  • All marking and grading for the Unit will occur on-line through Grade Mark.
  • Non-submission of any assessment item will result in a Fail Non-Submission (FNS) grade for the unit.
  • Originals only may be submitted in word format only (no pdfs).
  • Photocopies or scans -even of your own work, are not acceptable because the plagiarism software is unable to read it.
  • Students are required to keep an exact copy of all written work submitted.

Referencing requirements

  • Strictly follow the APA 7 style for the references both in text and in the final reference list.
  • The library at Western Sydney University provides a shortened guide based on the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.). (American Psychological Association, 2010)
  • Reference list is to include at least eight texts or journal articles ( 2015). If you include work dated prior to 2015 because it is seminal or relevant to your topic area, please ensure that you include at least 8 other references published after 2015.
  • Use of non-academic literature is not acceptable. Further, it is not acceptable to copy any information from other sources, including Websites or other electronic sources, other students, books, journals, etc., and present it as your own work.
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