400418 Health Advancement And Health Promotion: Needs And Stakeholder Analysis Assessment Answer

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School of Health Sciences

Western Sydney University

Unit Code: 400418 

Unit Name: Health Advancement and Health Promotion 

Credit Points: 10 

Unit Level: 7

Report - Needs and stakeholder analysis

A Needs Assessment is: 

’a systematic method of identifying unmet health and healthcare needs of a population and making changes to meet these unmet needs. It involves an epidemiological and qualitative approach to determining priorities which incorporates clinical and cost effectiveness and patients’ perspectives. This approach must balance clinical, ethical, and economic considerations of need-that is, what should be done, what can be done, and what can be afforded.’ (Wright, Williams & Wilkinson, 1998) Your task is to select a target population group and health issue that is in need of a health promotion intervention. The target population can be within or outside Australia. Once you have selected your target population and health issue, submit to your tutor for approval. You are required to individually conduct a Rapid Needs Assessment of the approved target population and health problem. Your aim is to convince a potential funder that the issue you have identified is of high priority, and demonstrate the magnitude of the problem and the existing gaps (the ’need’).

Your Needs Assessment must include:

– Analysis of health needs of target population: 

– Health status 

– Demography and geography of population 

– Social, environmental, and behavioural health determinants 

– Analysis of service needs: 

– Geography 

– Workforce availability 

– Efficiency and effectiveness 

– Identification of opportunities, priorities and options 

– Recommendation of specific actions based on the analysis of the information

A Needs Assessment involves a range of data-gathering methods, including consultation with stakeholders such as specialists and community members. Although it will not be feasible to conduct interviews for this Needs Assessment, it is a crucial step in the process. Therefore, you are required to also conduct a stakeholder analysis. A stakeholder analysis is an approach to generate knowledge about individuals and organisations so as to understand their “behaviour, intentions, inter-relations and interests; and for assessing the influence and resources they bring to bear on decision-making or implementation processes.”(Varvasovszky & Brugha, 2000) Your task is to identify at least three stakeholders that you anticipate you would consult with, and engage for, your needs assessment/recommended actions and detail their characteristics by completing the table below. As an example, the first row has already been completed.

Assessment criteria – Student locates and critically analyses relevant literature (including peer-reviewed and grey literature, local, state and national strategic plans, and relevant area reports). – Student synthesises a range of epidemiological and socio-demographic information of the target population and setting of interest. – Student analyses the behavioural, environmental, and social contributory factors for the particular health issue of concern and population. – Student determines priorities for health promotion action from available evidence using local, state and national data and information collected – Student applies principles of health promotion to inform thinking about the issue – Student recommends specific actions based on the analysis of information – Student includes a brief but comprehensive stakeholder analysis – Structure and word count – Correct grammar, syntax – Referencing

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