400418 Health Advancement And Promotion: Program Logic Assessment Answer

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School of Health Sciences

Western Sydney University

Unit Code: 400418 

Unit Name: Health Advancement and Health Promotion 

Credit Points: 10 

Unit Level: 7

Critical Review - Program Logic

A Program Logic is a tabular display (road map) of the relationship between your program’s activities and its intended effects. 

It generally follows a logical sequence of ’if-then’ relationships as follows: 

Inputs ->activities ->outputs ->short-term outcomes ->intermediate outcomes ->long-term outcomes 

For most parts of the program logic (mainly the outputs and outcomes), there are a set of indicators. Indicators are a marker of accomplishment/progress. It is a specific, observable, and measurable accomplishment or change that shows the progress made toward achieving a specific output or outcome in your program logic. Using the case study below, your task is to develop three outputs and one indicator for each output, considering the means of verification and assumptions for your indicators through completing the table below. To reduce the number of vaccine-preventable deaths in NSW, the state government has invested funds towards increasing the state’s immunisation rate to 98%, with targeted programs in the Northern Eastern suburbs of Sydney that have the lowest rate of full-immunised five-year-olds (below 90%)

 case study of program logic

Assessment criteria – Indicator has specific unit of measurement (verifiable) – Specific timeframe for which it will be monitored – Reference to a baseline or benchmark for comparison – Target group/location specified – Measurement methods and data collection frequency specified – Evidence of critical evaluation of assumptions.

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