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401076 Introduction to Epidemiology Spring 2020

About Introduction to Epidemiology

Assessment Information

2.4 Assessment Details

2.4.3 Essay - Critical appraisal essay

Type of Collaboration:Individual
Format:Assignment 3 will involve students critically appraising a peer-reviewed journal article from public health literature. The unit coordinator will provide a choice of 2-3 papers and each student must choose only one paper ONLY from these choices. Students will need to provide an overview of the paper related to the rationale, methods used what were the main results and their own general conclusion of the paper. Following their overview they need to judge the internal validity of the paper and the extent to there are supportive evidence for a causal association between the main exposure and outcome applying strategies we learnt in class.
Length:2,500 words
Curriculum Mode:Critical Review

Your ability to provide concise, accurate and original overview of the paper using terminology used in the unit

  • Your ability to critically appraise an observed association between an exposure and an outcome using epidemiological concepts (e.g. what measures of associations were used, how strong and precise, what source of errors presented in this study with examples)
  • Your ability to assess the possibility of observed causation using hierarchy of strength of evidence we learnt in class
  • Your ability to contexualised your essay with references from the most recent literature and not from the paper you read
  • Your ability to appraise the generalisability of the study outcome to other populations
  • Your ability to independently discuss the paper as a reviewer (i.e., not repeating the authors’ impression but rather express your view s of the study they conducted).
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