401076 Critical Review Test Guided Critical Appraisal Assessment Answer

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401076 Introduction to Epidemiology Spring 2020

About Introduction to Epidemiology

Assessment Information

2.4 Assessment Details

2.4.2 Critical Review - Test Guided critical appraisal

Type of Collaboration:Individual
Format:Assignment 2 will have students complete a guided critical appraisal questions related to epidemiological paper chose by the unit coordinator and include a series of
scenario-based calculations and short-answer questions relating to measures of association, confounding and bias.
Length:500 words
Curriculum Mode:Short Answer

You will be assess for your ability

  • to identify and calculate measures of association between a given exposure and health outcome for different study design
  • ability to identify sources of bias in the paper or a given scenario
  • ability to identify confounders in the paper or a given scenario and explain their influence on the results
  • ability to identify effect modification in a paper or in a given scenario and explain the results accordingly
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