401076 Numerical Problem Solving Scenario Based Calculations Assessment Answer

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401076 Introduction to Epidemiology Spring 2020

About Introduction to Epidemiology

Assessment Information

2.4 Assessment Details

2.4.1 Numerical Problem Solving - Scenario-based calculations

Type of Collaboration:Individual
Format:Length: Approximately 7 questions, some contain sub- questions. The questions will be provided on Word document. The assessment document will be available on vUWS two weeks before submission date. Answers will be weaved in the space provided within the original document. Students will have to complete a series of scenario-based calculations and short-answer questions relating to materials covered in the first 3 weeks: measures of disease frequency, summary measures of population health and study design.
Length:300 words
Curriculum Mode:Short Answer

  • Your ability to calculate and interpret measures of disease frequency such as prevalence, incidence and summary measures of population health.
  • Your ability to show understanding of the standardisation methods indirect and direct or interpret information that present standardized data
  • Understanding of different epidemiological study design, their limitations and strengths and your ability to identify design from a published source or hypothetical scenario
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