401213 Clinical Leadership And Professional Relationships: Team Presentation Assessment Answer

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401213 Clinical Leadership and Professional Relationships Spring 2020

Presentation: Group Work (Team Presentation)


The aim of this assessment is to enable students to demonstrate their ability to work collaboratively in a small team to prepare and deliver a team presentation. The presentation will describe a specific leadership style and then apply and evaluate that leadership style in a specific scenario.


In tutorial 1, students will be allocated to teams of 4-5. Each team will prepare and deliver a presentation on a specific leadership style/ scenario as allocated by their tutor from the table below. Students will deliver their presentations in week 14.

Student directions

Each team will deliver a presentation as designated from the list below.

Each member of the team must be involved in the presentation for no less that 3 minutes duration. The presentation must be supported by current, relevant, peer reviewed literature.

The presentation is to include:

An introduction

  • A brief description of the major characteristics of the leadership style
  • Application of the leadership style to a nominated situation through the enacting of a scenario role play
  • A critical evaluation of the leadership style in that situation
  • A conclusion that critically evaluates the demonstrated leadership style generally.
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