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401362 Health Services Financing: Comparative Health Systems Report Assessment Answer

School of Health Sciences

Western Sydney University

Unit Code: 401362 

Unit Name: Health Services Financing 

Credit Points: 10 

Unit Level: 

Assumed Knowledge: Competent use of Microsoft Excel, and high school mathematics (arithmetic, formulas and 

algebra, reading graphs).

 Report: Comparative Health Systems Report


When compared to other Organization of Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) member countries, Australia performs equal to or better than many other countries on a range of measures. However, in other measures, such as obesity, Australia’s performance is ranked amongst the lowest of the OECD member countries. 


For this assignments students are required to: choose two other OECD member countries and compare and contrast the financial structure and financial performance of the Australian healthcare system to the two chosen systems.

Within this report, students must address the following areas:

– In what performance measures is Australia performing better, worse and equal to the other two OECD countries? 

– What are the financial implications for the healthcare systems of Australia and the other two countries of their performance in those measures? (i.e. are the countries ultimately spending more by not addressing specific measures?) 

– From a financial perspective, what are the challenges the healthcare systems face in providing equitable access  to care to their respective populations. 

– Provide recommendations for improvement of the Australian healthcare system with consideration to both  financial and social implications. 


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