401362 Health Services Financing Professional Task: Budget Spreadsheet Assessment Answer

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Western Sydney University

School of Health Sciences

401362 Health Services Financing Autumn 2020

Unit Code: 401362 

Unit Name: Health Services Financing 

Credit Points: 10

Unit Level: 7

2.4.3 Professional Task: Budget Spreadsheet 

Weight: 25%

Type of Collaboration: Individual 

Length: 750 words 

Curriculum Mode: Professional Task

This assignment is designed to help students prepare the financial and activity details for the business case (Assignment 4). By creating a budget and break-even analysis for the intended business case, students will be able receive feedback and make necessary improvements for their final assessment.

NOTE: Students MUST select a topic for their budget and break-even analysis that will be suitable for the final assessment tasks. The business must be suitable for a not-for-profit, health-related business to be established in the Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District,

NOTE: It is recommended that before the budget build up process starts that students consult with their tutor to confirm that the proposed project is suitable for this assignment. A whole hospital, for example, is not appropriate as there are too many product lines to be managed successfully for a student assignment.


Prepare a zero-base activity and a break-even analysis of the budget for the health services you plan to propose in assignment 4. As well as the proposed budget for the optimal operation of the service, prepare a budget that will allow operations on a budget that is 10% less than the optimal budget. Provide a brief explanation as to how the 10% saving on the optimal budget was achieved. NOTE: This assessment requires you to prepare TWO budget spreadsheets. An exemplar has been provided on the vUWS online learning platform to assist you with this task.

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