6BM500 Business Psychology Summative Assessment Coursework 2 Answer

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Assessment Brief

Module name: Business Psychology

Module code: 6BM500

Trimester: 2 Spring 2020

4.2 Coursework 2  
Assessment Type:  Individual report (LOs 1, 3)
Assessment weighting:   60%
Word count/  :  2000 words  
Submission Method:  Turnitin.
Submission Date:  23:59 UK time, Thursday 9th April 2020
Provisional Feedback Release Date:  09:00 UK time, Wednesday 6th May 2020
Referral Submission Date:  23:59 UK time, Friday 19th June 2020  

4.2.1 Assessment Description
For this final module assignment students will be asked to provide a response to set questions that seek to reveal their grasp of business psychological theories and their application to their workplace or preferred business environment. From module specification

4.2.2 Assessment guidance
In recent years the economic downturn, recession, the global banking crisis, political and social unrest in some regions have an impact on organisations of all shapes and sizes on a global scale. This has resulted in organisations having to assess their business strategy and to align their human resource strategy to meet these new organisational imperatives in order to survive, let alone grow and prosper.

In the report, you will develop a human resource strategy for the globalised world of the 21st century, which applies the theory and literature in the following areas of business psychology:
•  learning and development,
•  leadership,
•  motivation and engagement,
•  organisational change,
•  personnel selection,
•  diversity, and
•  talent.

You should choose an organisation (either the one you work for or one you know well or one you can research in detail on the internet) and undertake the following tasks.  
1.  Identify the personality profiles and leadership development needs of the management team (500 words), including:
•  Assessment of the strengths of their personalities and areas for development using valid psychometric instruments e.g. the IPIP-NEO personality questionnaire, Myers Briggs etc

•  Consider what an appropriate spread of personality types would be for the leadership team and whether the organisation has this?
2. Using the relevant psychometric questionnaires that you were introduced to in the module critically analyse the team’s leadership styles and assess them in the light of your own leadership research (600 words):
•  What are the implications of the different leadership styles for the success of the organisation?
•  Do the senior leaders adapt their approach to leading across situations; if so how? If not, how can flexibility in leadership style be introduced?
•  Will the prevailing leadership style(s) impact on the ability of the organisation to survive and grow?

3.  Develop a high-level project plan with supporting narrative to lead the team through the required change (900 words), including:
•  How will the leader engage and motivate the team through the change?
•  What processes will the leader use to select any new staff that they need and to assess in more detail the development needs of the staff.
•  The project plan should include a brief section on learning and development setting out how the leader will coach and develop the top team.
•  It is a vital that your submission includes a suitable blend of theory and practice. You must back up your assertions with relevant theory.

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