6HO523 Strategic Hospitality Operations Management Summative Assessment Coursework 1 Answer

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Assessment Brief

Module name:  Strategic Hospitality Operations Management

Module code:  6HO523

Trimester:    2/Spring – 2019/20

4.1 Coursework 1
Assessment Type:  Individual Artefact  
Assessment weighting:   60%
Word count:  2,500 words or 15 minutes
Learning Outcomes:  3, 4, and 5
Submission Method:  Turnitin or Blackboard Assignment Tool
Submission Date:  23:59 UK time, Thursday 19/03/2020
Provisional Feedback Release Date:  09:00 UK time, Monday 13/04/2020
Referral Submission Date:  23:59 UK time, Friday 19/06/2020

4.1.1 Assessment Description
You are required to individually produce a set of guidance materials for a department manager that outlines their roles and operational policies and procedures within a hospitality organisation. The organisation and role can be an existing or fictitious one, and your material may take the form of your choice e.g. handbook, presentation, Wiki page, or any other types that can be converted to a PDF document or video file for submission.

4.1.2 Assessment guidance
Your material needs to ‘set a scene’ in the introductory part, by providing an overview of the organisation and/or department. This should include confirmation of its business goals, and a diagnosis of the existing issues in relation to the management of its operations. You need to ensure that you include evidence of issues and confirm the process you completed in order to discover these.  
Then, in relation to a chosen operational issue you need to explain the organisational strategies, policies, and procedures which can be used as a solution to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. You should consider the following points:  
• Specification of service standards and methods of communication of those to employees, customers, and other stakeholders  
• Individuals that have responsibility for issuing, reviewing and revising operating procedures.  
• Process to identify resource requirements to meet the needs of the organisation.  
• Processes for reviewing individual performance.  
• Clearly defined service recovery procedure.  
• Methods for collection and analysis of operational information that will enable the organisation to
monitor operational efficiencies.

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