6HO523 Strategic Hospitality Operations Management Summative Assessment Coursework 2 Answer

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Assessment Brief

Module name:  Strategic Hospitality Operations Management

Module code:  6HO523

Trimester:    2/Spring – 2019/20

4.2 Coursework 2  
Assessment Type:  Individual Synopsis  
Assessment weighting:   40%
Word count:  1,500 words
Learning Outcomes:  1, 2
Submission Method:  Turnitin  
Submission Date:  23:59 UK time, Thursday 09/04/2020
Provisional Feedback Release Date:  09:00 UK time, Monday 04/05/2020
Referral Submission Date:  23:59 UK time, Friday 19/06/2020

4.2.1 Assessment Description
In relation to CW1, you are also required to produce a 1,500-word synopsis in which you present your critical discussions on the interdependence of organisational strategies and operations. These discussions should provide a rationale of the guidance materials you produced for CW1.
4.2.2 Assessment guidance
The synopsis provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to critically analyse theories and practice in the hospitality business context. In other words, you are expected to justify the strategies you have presented in CW1 to overcome the operational issue identified. When producing this piece of work, you should address the following points:  
•  Clearly define the context of discussions as operations management is a broad topic and will require a certain degree of focus and clarity.  
•  Discuss how business strategies affect operational functions and vice versa within a specific organisational context.  
•  Critically analyse relevant theories, concepts and industry practice and build your own discussions based on them.  
•  Provide clear justifications for the guidance provided in the CW1 materials you produced, based on evidence-based discussions (the point above)  
•  Draw a clear conclusion, indicating the expected outcome of implementing the guidance.

This guideline is extensive; however, it is NOT definitive. At any time during the module should you require further guidance please do not hesitate to contact your tutor. Your synopsis will be no longer than 1,500 words in length.

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