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Module Title
Special Needs Assisting
Module Code
Skills Demonstration

A skills demonstration is used to assess a wide range of practical based learning outcomes including practical skills and knowledge. A skills demonstration will require the learner to complete a task or series of tasks that demonstrate a range of skills.


You are required to conduct a needs/strengths analysis on a child in your placement setting. You will observe a child to obtain information that can be used to assist in the planning and implementation of the child’s Individual Educational Plan and in organising learning opportunities to promote independence and responsibility. In addition, you will reflect on working with children with special educational needs in a school environment. Note– If you are unable to complete the work placement due to COVID precautions and restrictions in schools, you may base your Needs/Strengths Analysis, IEP and Activities on a FICTITIOUS CHILD. You may draw on course learning and your own research for these elements.

A body of work will be produced that comprehensively addresses the role and skills of the SNA in providing assistance in the provision of education and care for individuals that present with special educational needs. The written assessment will consider the following headings:

Introduction: (brief introduction to the assignment)

Needs/Strengths Analysis:(10 Marks)

  • Present a case study of the focus/fictious child outlining a background profile and a summary of their condition.
  • Using one observation method, conduct an observation of the focus/fictitious child detailing their areas of need and their strengths.
  • Outline the observation method used to record the information required.

Individual Education Plan:(5 Marks)

Using the data obtained from conducting an observation of the focus/fictitious child’s needs and strengths, develop and present an example of an Individual Educational Plan (IEP)*

The IEP should clearly outline the pupil’s:

  • Strengths/Interests
  • Areas of need/concern
  • Targets/goals
  • Strategies to support the child

Activity Planning and Implementation:(20 Marks)

Using the data obtained from observing the focus/fictitious child and devising their IEP, develop, help implement and present two activity plans that outline learning opportunities to promote the pupil’s independence and responsibility (examples include circle time, play, drama, music, cookery, care-skill routines and functional activities to help the child access the curriculum in a meaningful way).

Each activity plan should use the Headings below

  • Description of activity
  • Rationale for the activity (to promote the pupil’s independence and responsibility)
  • Planning the activity
  • List of materials (to be) used
  • Implementation of the activity (provide a detailed account of how you carried out or would plan to carry out the activity with the pupil, show how you supported or intend to support the pupil, whilst also promoting independence and responsibility)
  • Analysis of how the activities were or could be adapted to support the child in accessing the national curriculum (is/was it meaningful for the child and did it incorporate their strengths and interests?)
  • Evaluation of the activities
  • Outline of the skills used in your role as a student SNA while assisting the teacher in the implementation of the activity plans.
  • Where possible include photographic evidence (include pictures of the activities/materials without identifying individuals)

Stressors in the workplace:(5 Marks)

  • Describe what is meant by workplace stress.
  • Identify and discuss five strategies for dealing with stressors in the workplace.

Reflective Practice*:(10 Marks)

  • Present a critical reflection on your own personal attitudes, values, beliefs and assumptions in relation to learning about and/or working with and on behalf of people who present with special educational needs.
  • Reflect on areas you found challenging and stressful while working as a student SNA. *Note - If you are unable to complete work placement due to COVID precautions and restrictions in schools, you may draw on course learning and your own research to discuss any challenges and stresses that an SNA may encounter.

Conclusion: (brief summary of the assignment)

Reference List/Bibliography:

Appendices: (supporting material if applicable)

The maximum word count for this Skills Demonstration is 4,000 words.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you read the following information carefully.


The maximum word count for this Skills Demonstration is 4,000 words.

Please note, if you do go over your word count, deduction will be at tutor discretion, based on the relevance of the information submitted. Ensure that you give careful attention to referencing, spelling, grammar, formatting and layout. Ensure that you address all headings. References and appendices do not form part of the word count.


The paper must be word processed. Use Times New Roman or Arial size 12 font with 1.5 line spacing and ensure all pages are numbered correctly.


To protect confidentiality, you must not identify individuals or the work placement setting. Ensure you change the names when referring to individuals and do not photograph any person within the setting.

Referencing & Plagiarism * IMPORTANT*:

Please ensure to clearly reference all information sourced in your work with evidence of in-text referencing and supporting bibliography. To ensure that the correct referencing format is applied, learners should refer to the referencing guidelines and plagiarism policy. Penalties will apply to those assessments that do not consider the referencing guidelines.

Top Tip!

To maximise assessment marks, you must support your points with reference to readings, websites, videos etc where possible/applicable. Try to paraphrase (put in your own words) the information as much as possible. This demonstrates that you have engaged with the topics and have understood them. Remember, even if you paraphrase, you must always reference where you sourced the information.

Assignment Layout:

The layout of your Skills Demonstration Word document must consider each of the following headings:

Introduction (brief introduction to the assignment)

Needs/Strengths Analysis Individual Educational Plan

Activity Planning and Implementation Stressors in the workplace

Reflective Practice

Conclusion (brief summary of the assignment)

Reference List / Bibliography & Appendices (supporting material if applicable)

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