7LA524 Llm Legal Scholarship Summative Assessment Answer

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Question :

Complete the following tasks and submit your portfolio to the relevant submission point of the Legal Scholarship’s Blackboard by:
Deadline: Wednesday 15th January 2020, 13:00pm

The purpose (learning outcome) of this CW is:

To provide evidence competence in the following skills:
a.dynamic response to critical argument
b.advanced and formal written communication to specialists and non-specialists
c.research skills and structured approaches to legal research
d.efficient independent learning techniques

Element 1

(a) Why law?  Reflect. (b) Why law at the Postgraduate Level? Reflect. (850 words with a margin of ±10%)

Element 2

Peer Review

Prepare a peer review of the mock dissertation proposal on shareholders, written by Mr L.L.Masters (posted on Blackboard).  (500 words with a margin of ±10%)

Element 3

Your path towards your postgraduate legal qualification is like a journey.  Critically evaluate the matter

•By reflecting on what the difficulties in your journey have been thus far.

•By reflecting on what can be done in order for those difficulties which you may have encountered to be addressed.

(850 words with a margin of ±10%)

Element 4

Please complete the following practical exercises and reflect briefly on them.

a.Fully cite the following sources and explain briefly how and where you identified the full text of the sources below.

b.Your citation must be complete, as per the most recent version of OSCOLA.

c.Reflect in a few lines as to the research path which you have followed in order to identify the information required in the exercise.  Each answer should have its own reflective entry of 2-3 lines.  In effect, the answer to each of the exercises below should take the form:

Full citation for the resource is…

Full text of the resource is found in…

Brief reflection of a few lines as to how you found the answers which you have found.

1. The Snail in the Bottle Case

2. Unicredit v Nordea Bank

3. Moral Foundations of American Law

4. Principles of European Constitutional Law

5. Companies Act 2006

6. The UK “Act to prohibit persons from having in their possession or custody dogs belonging to types bred for fighting”

7. The no war clause in the Japanese Constitution

8. The ad infinitum clauses of the Italian Constitution

9. The UK Act that allowed the participation of the UK in the European Communities

10. ISBN 3-8258-9357-X

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