About Environmental Policy: Assessment Item 1 Answer

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Assessment Item 1 

Description/Focus: What is environmental policy? - ESSAY 

Value: 15 % 

Length: 1500 Words 

Task: You will be required to demonstrate your understanding of the policy cycle, a comprehensive understanding of the nature, definition and role of policy, and environmental policy in particular, and the key drivers influencing policy development in the Australian and international context. 

Preparation: To prepare for this assignment, you will need to: • Carefully review the assignment Task description and Assessment criteria - look for key words in the instructions and assessment criteria to guide you • Identify the audience for your document (not the lecturers) • Schedule time to work on this assignment https://imps.cdu.edu.au/tools/assignment-scheduler/ • Review text book chapters 1-4 (Dovers and Hussey 2013) • Complete any other readings and activities in Weeks 1-3. • Locate additional readings and resources that are relevant to the topic. • Refresh your skills in paraphrasing and note-making at http://learnline.cdu.edu.au/studyskills/studyskills/quoting.html • Brush up your scholarship skills - Review study skills resources at ALLSP www.cdu.edu.au/academic-language-learning/allsp • Ensure you don’t inadvertently plagiarise - Review issues of academic integrity at www.cdu.edu.au/academic-integrity • Make sure your referencing is perfect! - Refer to the CDU library referencing guidelines http://libguides.cdu.edu.au/cdureferencing • Review your own work against the assessment criteria below, before submitting. 

Presentation: Assignments should sub-mitted via Learnline. The essay should provide your reader with an overview of the framework for thinking about policy. Use flow diagrams, figures, or tables to support or illustrate your points. Include headings to guide your reader. Correctly and consistently format your reference list. Use the APA referencing style – see the CDU Library LibGuides on Referencing for details. 

Assessment criteria: Presentation (15%) 1. Is the document professionally formatted and of the appropriate length? (3 marks) 2. Is the text concisely and clearly written and free of spelling and grammatical errors? (3 marks) 3. Are references included and correctly cited and listed? (6 marks) 4. Are figures, tables and appendices formatted neatly with a numbered title? (3 marks) Development of ideas, arguments and organisation of text (25%) 5. Are individual paragraphs well-structured, to include an opening sentence stating the key point of the paragraph, with the body of the paragraph presenting evidence to support, further elaborate on or critique that key point? (10 marks) 6. Is there logical and clear presentation of ideas in a well-structured paragraph order? (10 marks) 7. Have appropriate headings been used to clearly outline the report structure for the reader, and to guide the reader through the ideas arguments or rationale of the report? (5 marks) Introduction and context (20%) 8. Does the introduction adequately define policy, and environmental policy in particular? (10 marks) 9. Are the objectives of the essay clearly explained in the introduction? (10 marks) Analysis of environmental policy/ies (40%) 10. Is the policy framework and cycle clearly explained, and illustrated with examples and adequate reference to the literature? (10 marks) 11. Are factors that might influence successful implementation of policy critically discussed? (10 marks) 12. Is “policy” clearly defined? (10 marks) 13. Are the potential impacts of the policies on different stakeholders critically discussed? (10 marks)

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