Competitive Strategies: Grain Corp Limited, Ramsay Health Care And TUI Group Company

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Reveal key strategic points and comprehensive discussion of strategic analysis tools of Grain Corp Limited, Ramsay Health Care and TUI Group company. Provide short description of these companies along with SWOT and PESTLE Analysis. 

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Competitive Strategies 


With the changes in technologies and globalised world, each and every company is using strategic analysis tools to increase the overall outcome of the business. In this essay several strategic analysis tools such as SWOT analysis, PESTLE analysis, and Portal’s five forces analysis have been taken into consideration. In this report, three companies named Grain Corp Limited, Ramsay Health Care and TUI Group Company.  This document will reveals the key strategic points and comprehensive discussion of strategic analysis tools of these companies which they could take to increase the overall outcomes of their business functioning. 

Description of the company

Grain Corp Limited 

Grain Corp Limited is the public limited company indulged in receival and storage of grain and related commodities. The present CEO of the company is Mark L. palmquist.

Ramsay Health Care

It is the health care service provider private hospital founded by Paul Ramsay. This company is highly traded in the health care industry due to its increasing overall turnover and high quality health care services. 

AAT Kings tours and travel operator 

It is the multinational tours and travel company having headquarter in Australia and indulged in selling high quality tours and travel services. 

SWOT analysis of Grain Corp Limited

Strength- It has strong brand image and using advance technologies in the cultivation and harvesting of the products. It has been providing high quality of crops and ground farm products to its clients. 

Weakness- The main weakness of the company is related to high product cost and negative impact of climate change on the cultivation and harvesting process.

Opportunity- With the use of advance technologies and upgraded machines, it could increase the production of corps and other agriculture products at very least cost. It will be easy for the company to grab the potential clients.

Threat- The main threat of the company is related to climate change and negative impact of the unwanted rain. It highly impacts the production and cultivation process of organization. 

SWOT analysis of Ramsay Health Care

Strength- It has high qualified staff members and doctors who are indulged in providing the best health care services to patients. The infrastructure and highly advance technologies and machines will increase the satisfaction level of patients. 

Weakness- The main weakness of company is related to complying with the increased legal compliance.  

Opportunity- Wit the increased number of population and less effective work program of other hospital organizations, Ramsay could attract more clients by using the advance health care technologies. 

Threat- The threat of company is related to high competition in the market. However, new entrepreneurs are tapping the health care industry with their advance technologies and machines due to the increased profitability of the business. 

SWOT analysis of AAT Kings tours and travel operator 

Strength- It has designed more customized tours and travel packages to attract clients in market. It has set up strong brand image in the Australian market. 

Weakness- It has faced high loss in its business due to its cost leadership strategy. It has been offering tour packages at very low cost. In addition to this, company has to comply with the high legal laws and regulations as well.   

Opportunity- The main opportunity is related to increased inclination of the clients towards the tours and travel industry. 

Threat- Company has been facing high competition in the tours and travel business.  

PESTLE analysis of all the three industries 





 Grain Corp Limited  




 Ramsay Health Care (Health care industry)


 AAT Kings tours and travel operator (Tours and travel industry)