ACC303 Contemporary Theoretical Concepts With Practical Accounting Application Assessment Answer

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Subject Learning Outcomes

This is a Level 3 subject.

Listed below, are key knowledge and skills students are expected to attain by successfully completing this subject:

Subject Learning Outcomes
a) Critically evaluate financial accounting reporting issues and their impact on stakeholders
b)Examine various theoretical and philosophical approaches to accounting
c) Analyse current accounting issues including ethical requirements

d) Evaluate implications of contemporary accounting issues.

Assessment Detail

Assessment 1

Assessment Type: Written Report – individual assessment

Purpose: This assessment is designed to reinforce the subject content and develop students’ skills and application of knowledge of the subject content to business situations. This assessment relates to learning outcomes a, b and c.

Topic: This assignment covers contemporary theoretical concepts with practical accounting task application based on the topics from the subject.

Task Details: This assignment requires students to complete the Capital Market Research educational modules listed on are expected to complete at least five (5) certificates. These certificates must be completed and attached to the written report. Students are then required to select an ASX corporation, reference the share price for the last 2 years and link information that may have impacted on the corporations share price during this time. Students will review general purpose financial report material, company releases, media, and other sources. Students must prepare a comprehensive report directed to this research. The report: should include educational certificates, data extracted from the general purpose financial report and additional material relevant to the analysis you accessed.

Presentation: Report – 1,500 word report. The word count excludes the cover sheet, contents page, references, appendices, and illustrations (e.g. diagrams, graphs and tables). Students need to stay within the assigned word limits, and indicate the word count on the cover page of the assignment. The report should be typed double spaced, using Times New Roman font size of either 10 point or 12 point. Every page should be clearly numbered.

The assignment should include the following parts:

  • A title / cover page, which indicates basic information such as Subject title, Subject code, Trimester number, Assignment title, group members’ full names and KOI student numbers, word count and name of the tutor;
  • Executive Summary;
  • Table of Contents;
  • Main contents – Introduction, analysis using suitable headings and subheadings, Conclusions and Recommendations, Appendices (if any); References (using Harvard – Anglia style); and/or o Attachments.
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