ACCG8126 Corporate Accounting: Identifying Company Listed On ASX With New Acquisition Assessment Answer

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ACCG8126 Corporate Accounting Session 1 2020


You are required to identify a company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)  that has One new acquisition in any of the financial years from 2016-2019. To qualify as a new acquisition, the company must not have any existing ownership interest in the investment prior to the acquisition. A company may have a number of acquisitions during the period, you should choose the most significant acquisition for the company.

To find companies listed on the ASX search through the official ASX list  at  w

Then search H   ome > P   rices, Research & Announcements > C   ompany research > The Official

List (Listed Companies)’. This will bring up a list of all ASX listed companies in alphabetical order.

To see which of the above criteria have been met you must review the company’s 20162017, 2018 and 2019 annual reports. The best way to find annual reports is to go to company’s website and download a pdf version. This will usually be found under “Investor Information”, “Shareholder Information” or similar tabs on a company’s website. It may take some time to find a suitable company that meets the criteria listed and has sufficient information to prepare the presentation.


You are required to prepare presentation slides (maximum 10 slides) on your  selected company which covers the following points:

  • You are expected to use company’s information from at least two years of annual reports.
  • Background information about your selected company, including industry, business segments and key competitors. Discuss the trend of key financial results for three financial years.
  • In-depth discussion of the acquisition, e.g. reasons of the acquisition, purchase consideration; accounting methods used to account for the investment; implications on the financial statements (income statement and balance sheet) as a result of the acquisition in following years (if available).
  • In addition to annual reports, it is strongly recommended to use other sources of information in relation to the selected changes in ownership interest, e.g. ASX announcement; company presentations; newspaper articles.
  • The aim of this assignment is to prepare presentation slides, not a report or an essay. Your presentation slides are expected to be concise; you are also recommended to use diagrams, tables, graphs on the slides.


The assignment contributes towards 10% of your assessment and it is marked out of 20 for  each student. A detailed marking rubric can be viewed on ilearn.

Submission requirements

You are expected to submit the PowerPoint presentation slides on Turnitin.

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