ACCT20071 Foundations In Accounting: Evaluating Integrated Report 2019 For AGL Assessment 2 Answer

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ACCT20071 – Foundations in Accounting

Assignment 2: Written submission and Presentation - Term 1, 2020

Part 1: The Written submission (10 marks)A KPMG survey of the ASX 200 has found that over 70% of Australia's largest listed organizations are now focusing their reporting on long term value through using at least some of the principles of integrated reporting.’ 

Using relevant literature review, do you believe that the increased integrated reporting uptake by Australian ASX companies would equitably meet the information needs of various stakeholders? Critically evaluate the integrated report 2019 for AGL with the published CSR/sustainability report/s for 2018 in support of your answer as an illustrative example (Max. 2000 words including introduction, conclusion and references). 

Note: Pdf of the KPMG survey is downloadable from above link. 

Submission instructions: 

1. The cover page is a separate document. You Must NOT submit assignment and cover page as a combined word file. 

2. Submit your file in word format. Do not use pdf format to submit your document. 

3. Only one student in the group needs to submit the cover page and the actual assignment. Individual members of the group do not need to submit anything at all.  

4. Name your cover page such as Studentname_coverpageonly.docx e.g. for John Smith file name would be John Smith.coverpageonly.docx 

5. Students must adhere to the word limit prescribed. Moodle will not accept We will check only first 2000 words in the assessment. If you need to use snapshots at all, do not go beyond 3 snapshots. We will not mark words in excess of 2000 or more than 3 snapshots in any case. 

The penalty for late submissions: Late submissions are penalized at 5% per day. Further Instructions: Please read carefully 

Normal rules of copying/plagiarism will apply – that is, the individual assignments must not contain other students’ contributions or work, not even former group members’ work. You are required to submit an electronic copy of this assignment. Assignments will be marked online, and feedback will be provided through Moodle site.

Plan and delegation of the work: As a group assignment, please plan and delegate the work in the beginning. You must discuss how you plan to approach and complete your assignment, milestones, timeframes for achieving the milestones etc. Do not postpone the work until the last week. Please bring any disputes to the attention of course coordinator ASAP. You must keep copies/proofs of your work to resolve any future conflicts.

All the very best to you for timely completion of assignment item.

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