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Length:    500 words (+/- 10%) A penalty of 10% will be applied to all submissions over the maximum word count.

Style:  Report using Harvard system of referencing.

Weighting:  30% of total course assessment

Submission requirements: Soft copy submission on Turnitin only.  


The assignment aims to increase your understanding of the different techniques used  in the evaluation of business sustainability and corporate bankruptcy. You are required to apply theoretical knowledge to actual company data.

The purpose of the assignment is to analyse the bankruptcy for a company to assess the likelihood of it going bankrupt. Some company data (note: all data taken from the FAME database) is provided for you on the following pages and in a separate excel document, but you should also research any additional information as you feel necessary.

The submission should be in the format of a memorandum to an analyst considering investment in the company who has asked you to assess the bankruptcy risk of the company.

Your memorandum should include the following:

An assessment of bankruptcy risk for the company, referring to known bankuptcy models to support your assessment. (note: you can use any method/(s) of your choice to determine this but they should be taken from the taught syllabus in weeks 8-10).

A critical discussion of the likelihood of the company going into bankruptcy.

Company details

As you are very possibly aware Thomas Cook sadly went into liquidation this year. Your task for the assessment is to analyse the case of Thomas Cook as of the 30th of September 2018 to evaluate the likelihood of bankruptcy as at that point.

Some key financial data for the company is included in the excel document attached (see Blackboard). You should be able to calculate what is needed using this information

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