ACOM105 Problems And Solutions Associated With Tourisms Impact On Environment Assessment 1 Answer

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ACU Centre for Languages and Faculty of Health Sciences North Sydney

SEMESTER 1, 2020

ACOM105: English Language Communication Skills UNIT OUTLINE

Assessment 1


Students will prepare a 1000-word research report on the topic of Tourism. Students should choose 1 (one) sub-topic from the list of topics relating to the umbrella topic of Tourism (see Appendix 1 of this unit outline).

The report should be divided into sections: Title Page, Abstract, Table of Contents, Introduction, Findings, Discussion, Conclusion, and Recommendations. A reference list must also be included on a separate page.

Students should read the sample report on LEO as a guide for the formatting and layout of their report.

Students will be provided with one academic article that they may use for background reading and to use in their report.

Other academic sources must be found and used by the student. Research sources are limited to books, academic journal articles and academic reports. If you are using a website, please check that it is a reliable academic source. These should be checked for academic validity before use (see your tutor or a librarian for assistance). A minimum of 3 academic sources must be used in the Report (these may include the article provided).

This assessment is an individual task.


Length and/or format:1000 words. The report Title Page, Table of Contents

and Reference List should be included in the submission, but not in the word count. Note: You do not submit an ACU cover sheet for this assignment.

Purpose:The purpose of this task is to assess your level of achievement in the context of certain learning outcomes in this unit. It assesses your understanding and execution of more supported research skills and in particular your organisation and evaluation of your research in the context of report writing.

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Answer :


Problems and solutions associated with tourism’s impact on the environment


The purpose of the assignment is to focus on the quality of the environment due to tourism which has impacted both natural and man-made things. Due to tourism, it has created a detrimental impact on the environment and the problems and the solution is complex due to the relationship. As identified how it has created an impact on the activities due to excessive tourism causing an adverse environmental effect. There have been growing impacts associated with the construction of general infrastructure and it has also caused an impact over the roads and airports along with using excessive facilities. Through this paper, the impact and the problems related to the tourism using the natural resources would be identified and how there has been an increasing concern due to the environmental pollution along with using the physical environment. Further the environmental impacts of tourism on a global scale and how there is excessive use of the industrial impacts on tourism and the action to take to conserve the environmental condition.


Due to tourism, there has been a growing impact on the environment, as the resources are used in excess and it has caused a problem over the global hospitality industry (Hewings, 2007). Every year high tourism is observed near to the marine and coastal tourism is one the fastest growing areas within the world's largest industry? Due to the ever-increasing awareness over the economic and environmental tourism significance as experienced in recent years, there has been a growing impact and the challenge over the resources and the environment. Through this paper, the main purpose is to identify the tourism industry and the negative impacts on the environment. The purpose of the essay is to identify solution to the problems and how to overcome them strategically (Stewart, 2017)


Tourism can lead to a growing impact over the surroundings due to the high use of natural resources and causing a high consumption in areas where the resources are scarce (Dwyer, 2016).

2.1. Water Resources 

Water such as freshwater is one of the valuable assets of the environment. There is a growing concern to the tourism industry and it has perpetually caused the water resources for hotels along with experiencing the swimming pools and it can help to provide the golf courses along with the use of the personal use of water by tourists. Another identification of the water shortages along with experiencing a degradation of water supplies that can cause the generation of the greater volume that can lead to the wastewater. As the tourists consume more water it leads to wastage of water (Brick, 2016).

2.2. Local Resources

 Due to the excessive use of the resources, it can lead to the pressure on local resources and it would cause more wastage of energy, food along with the waste of the raw materials and it would create a short supply. Due to the higher extraction along with the transport uses it would cause the resources to use more of the physical impacts causing exploitation. Due to the high seasonal character, the tourists dues the spots more than ten times and during the low season