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Essay on "Personal Leadership Plan" The students will reflect upon their individual learning from this subject (self-awareness, teamwork and leadership, academic and professional communication) to prepare a Personal Leadership Action Plan and Report. This Personal Leadership Action Plan and Report will be a maximum of 2000 words, including references. It will identify current strengths and areas for professional and personal development for themselves as leaders &/or team members. Information for this Personal Leadership Action Plan and Report should be gained by the participants reflecting on their own personal experiences, involvement in team activities, enhanced self-awareness and assessment exercises whether undertaken within or outside of class (such as feedback from the 360 degree questionnaire) and the reference material identified for this subject. A minimum of 4 references from this subject must be included in the preparation of this piece of assessment. The Report will consider and record: ? The student’s career journey to date; where the student thinks he/she is in their leadership journey; ? The student’s career goal; ? Identification of actions the student needs to take which would build on his/her strengths and/or minimise weaknesses in order to move towards the stated career goal; and ? What the student thinks he/she needs to do to move to the next stage in their career. The Personal Leadership Action Plan will include: ? A 1-2 page plan with a set goal; timelines; broad, realistic actions; and measurements of success. I am attaching my resume for your reference. Maybe you could use the duke of edinburghs award to show self development/ leadership etc. It should be relevant to what we learnt in class which is the following peter gronn - distributed leadership (Main guy) Great Man Theory Simon Western - Critical Leadership Negative capabilities Marshmallow experiment – kids – emotional intelligence Daniel goleman model Leadership styles Lars Sudmann speech – Leadership = too little time X People X Power Myers Briggs Indicator Implicit Associate Test Role Boundaries Implications Overview of leadership thinking. How its changed - I ve attached this file also I ve also attached a sample essay of the topic and also what they look into when scoring/ marking us. Also attaching a few slides from the class I d really like a good essay that stands out. Please argue with a few scholarly articles and agree with a few.

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The leader plays important role in the personal and professional background of an individual. In my course of professional setting, I observed that people having authority of bringing substantial change in an organisational setting in a team are the leaders. I have learnt from the journey at personal and professional background to focus over certain essential aspects for example skills of team building, skills associated with overall leadership as well as aspects of self-awareness as they are important for me to improve my professional as well as personal skills (Brown, 2003). The leaders play an important role in backdrop of personal and professional and this is reflected in this paper customized by MBA Essay Help providers. My education involves my bachelor’s degree along with my master’s degree that has enabled me towards effective interpretation of significant difference amidst the practical situations used to arise at organizational setting and the theories, which we learn through textbooks (Cashman, 2017).     

Journey of Career

Subsequent to completion of my course from the Osmania University based at Hyderabad, I desired of experiencing professional world. Therefore, I performed my job in certain reputed companies, where I can achieve quality experience. Subsequent to that, I moved for pursuing MBA from the most famous and reputed university at Melbourne named “La Trobe Business School”. I, in fact, presently followed the course. I will be provided with respective degree in 2020. My career was being initiated by me as customer executive that assisted me in getting engaged or committed with the job, which is executed at ground level. Subsequent to the achievement of knowledge in the field, I understood it was the time for expansion of my capabilities and skills being a leader. Work experience of mine at HSBC Bank for the post of Assistant manager at Operations department enabled me in interpreting work’s technicalities. Usually, I was liable for managing a team involving fifteen members along with their performance evaluation. Such experience assisted me in acting as effective team leader as well as identifying their key challenges and strengths. Subsequent to my service in the organisation for around one year, I shifted to another organisation named “Infinity Tobacco Pvt Ltd” where my post for the job was Marketing Head and General Manager. While providing service in the company as member of senior management, I observed leadership skill’s significance. I was included in broad range of activities for example price fixing, brand image development, financial analysis such as budgets along with allocation of applicable resources. Experience of learner and leader was enriching and highlight for me because of which I provided service to the company for around four years long. 

Present status in the journey of leadership

My experience since few years has helped in comprehending the distinction amidst modern leadership style as well as traditional leadership style (Edie et al., 2016). Throughout my first experience in professional setting, the leaders emphasised more over the authoritative power possessed by them along with their superiority in the company. I observed it especially in case of my service as the executive. However, during my movement on to several organisations, I needed to undertake leaders’ role and I detected transformational change in “leadership” along with “leader” concept. During my joining in “Infinity Tobacco Pvt Ltd”, I observed high expectations, which the organisations had from me. I desired of becoming inspirational leader that has the ability of carrying out his subordinates and team forward in peaceful manner. Therefore, my approach towards leadership has put much emphasis fundamentally over teamwork along with robust communication (Goltra, Goltra & Peter, 1998)           

I undertook the transformational leader’s role that was distinguished from traditional type of leader. I ensured to put emphasis over core capabilities and strengths of unanimous members of the team in order to develop together being team and organisation (Gronn, 2002). I am an effective leader today as I observed that a leader’s success is dependent over him as well as over the members of his team along with the followers. I am able to foster continuous growth by involving my team.     

Career goals

Presently, career goal of mine is becoming an influential and effective leader that could provide worthy contribution towards growth in subordinates and the organisation. I need to become a leader that could put emphasis over requirements and needs of external and internal stakeholders associated with the organisation. During pretending of a leader, I need to ensure that I could coordinate ethical and professional approach for bringing favourable change could in a organisation where I would work in near future.    

Development of essential strengths

In professional and academic environment, my experience has been very important for my life. As per my opinion, my recent strengths associated with self-awareness, leadership and teamwork are because of high worthy experience, which I have achieved in previous years. However, I believe of having considerable scope of polishing my key skills being a leader as organisational environment is enduring transformational variation all time (Goleman, 2001).     


My academic expertise assisted me in interpreting teamwork’s significance in organisational setting. However, practical experience in real organisational environment assisted me in identification of key challenges, which arise during working within single group. Nevertheless, the team’s effectiveness is completely relied over the contribution of members involved in the team along with the leader (Lee, 2017). I possess an effective team, which has assisted me in becoming a successful leader in previous period. In HSBC Bank, during managing team involving fifteen members, I observed that most significant element of effective team is transparent communications model.  


This skill has enabled me towards assessment of the performance of my team and mine too in past. In first stage, I was experiencing certain challenges towards my performance assessment. However, as time passed, I became capable enough in setting benchmarks and standards, which could help me towards effective assessment of my performance in form of leader ad individual. As per my opinion, I still possess scope of enhancing my abilities of judging my personal performance in organisational context.  

Professional and academic communication

In professional and academic environment, my experience has enabled me in realising the significance of the communication within business environment. I require working over development of my approach towards communication for enhancing the sense of unity amongst my team members and making them feel a core part of team. I have developed the below personal leadership plan, which could enable me in growing my hidden capabilities and skills being a leader (Organ, 1996).    


My experience being a leader has proved as highly worthy for since many years. I have observed different leadership styles in organisational setting. During my job in HSBC bank for the post of Assistant Manager, skills of mine were examined, as it was initial opportunity for me for representing my skills of leadership. In the “Infinity Tobacco Pvt Ltd”, I implemented transformational leadership as the most appropriate leadership style and provided adequate   liberty to the subordinates for encouraging them towards innovation and addition to value to that organisation they way they want (Northouse, 2018)

Action plan for personal leadership

The fundamental components, which have been involved in planning model usually, focuses over my skills associated with leadership, abilities of communication along with the skills of team building. Through development of my skills associated with the aspects, I would improve my approach towards leadership in modern and ever-changing professional setting (Taylor, 2004).

For strengthening my skills associated with my capabilities of leadership, I would require about six months. During that time, I would interact to more people that would assist me towards development of my approach towards communication. Similarly, the recent MBA course is going to helps me in working in team and therefore, I could comprehend mindset and sentiments of several team members. Such exposure would help me in comprehending strategies, which I could implement in near future for interacting with several team members.   

Real actions

During working over academic assignment and projects, I could interact effectively with the people from different setting. Such exposure tends to be important for me because it is going to assist me towards working over my skills of team building, communication skills, as well as leadership skills. These actions, which are realistic in nature, would assist me in working over my present skills along with capabilities being a leader (Western, 2013). 

Success measurement

For effective measurement of my skills of leadership, I would apply 360-degree feedback technique for effective achievement of the opinions of all team members in academic setting related to my abilities of leadership. Similarly, I would also consider the grade, which we could earn in our course as a team. It could assist me towards interpretation of my ability of leading a team of members effectively. The easy indicators for measurement of success could be effective highly in the case of mine as I could foster effective identification of appropriate leadership areas, which further I might require to focus over for becoming and effective ad great leader in modern organizational setting. As per my opinion, personal leadership plan is likely to be a continuous procedure, which I could have to focus over at regular intervals in order to strengthen my significant abilities of leadership in an effective manner.  This essay is written by our  proficient Essay Assignment Help providers to provide you quality papers written in a customized manner. Our essay writers can also help you to select Essay Topics in any subject like humanities, management, law, accountancy, etc.


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