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In this task, you will select and analyse an existing social enterprise that has been established in any context globally. You will research and write a case study report that:

  1. Describes the chosen social enterprise, explaining how its mission and activities reflect concepts of social entrepreneurship, social enterprise and social innovation
  2. Examines the ways in which technology is used to achieve the social mission and financial goals of the enterprise
  3. Explains how the case organisation’s key activities address the United Nations Sustainable Development goals (UNSDGs)
  4. Evaluates key socio-political, economic, cultural and technological factors that are relevant to the formation and operation of the chosen social enterprise

Some additional guidance as to the above points may be found below.

  1. Describes and analyses the initiative (or organisation), including what activities are undertaken to achieve key objectives.
    • Mission/purpose
    • Main beneficiaries and customers
    • Core social programs
    • Legal status
    • How the enterprise earns income
  2. Explain how concepts of social entrepreneurship, social enterprise and social innovation are reflected within the case chosen
    • Students that score highly on this criterion will draw out elements of different definitions and explain how these components are reflected within their choice of SE. Stronger answers will include links to references
  3. Examines the ways in which technology used to achieve the missions of the enterprise Evaluates key socio-political, environmental and technological factors that are relevant to the formation and operation of the chosen initiative/organisation
    • See topic area ‘Factors Influencing Social Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise’
  4. Explain how the case organisation’s key activities address the UN Sustainable Development goals (UNSDGs)


The format of this assignment is a report. We realise that some students may not be familiar with report writing, and we have provided some resources below which outline the differences between a report structure and a traditional essay.

Whilst there are many different types of reports, the structure of a report is generally the same.

Title Page
(not included in the word count)
This page should include:
  • The report title
  • Assessment item
  • Who the report is written for (in this case put the Unit Coordinators name)
  • Your name and Student ID
  • The submission date.

Table of Contents
(not included in the word count, needs to be on a separate page to the title page)
The table of contents lists the main headings used in the report, and includes the page on which the headings appear. Tables, diagrams or illustrations are listed separately in a Table of Figures which comes after the Table of Contents.

Introduction (on a new page)
The introduction explains the purpose of the report, and the analysis/description that will be provided to the reader (only
needs to be brief).


The body contains the substance of the report, which is separated into topic/discussion areas using numbered headings and subheadings. You may use broad level headings to separate different elements of analysis (for example – you may use broad headings relating to the case description, identification of socio-political factors, use of technology), and then use sub-headings to break down your analysis under each heading according to different ideas/topics.

Needs to provide a brief summary that outlines the key findings/discussion provided in the report.

Reference List
(not included in the word count)
Please reference all material cited in the report using the Harvard Referencing style (make sure to include references to any images used).

(not included in the word count)
Appendices contain any extra supporting information (e.g. pictures, graphs, tables) that are relevant, but is included at the end of the report so as not to distract the reader from the ideas in the main section of the report. Appendices should be clearly set out and numbered in the order they are mentioned in the text.

Please use academic language which uses the third-person narrative (this means avoiding use of I, me etc)

Also, feel free to include pictures/graphics which help with the description of your case organisation/initiative (just make sure that you correctly reference the source). Pictures and images can be used to help support the reader’s understanding of your case – for example, you might include an image that illustrates the regions of work, the types of activities undertaken, people supported etc. Please make sure all images used are relevant to your case organisation.


The length of this task is 1500 words, and yes, we are happy to accept a 10% leeway on this. Please note that any writing that exceeds the written allowance as outlined above will not be read or considered in the overall mark.

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Answer :

Infoxchange – Case Study

1. Introduction   

The report will discuss the activities of Infoxchange, a social organization of Australia. In the first part, an overview of Infoxchange will be given with some of its key activities and it will be shown how digital technology helps the organization to help the victims of Australia. In the second part, it will be shown how technology helps the company to help the poor and develop its internal activities. The third part of the report will show how the activities of Infoxchange help in fulfilling the sustainable development of the United Nations. Finally, the sustainable activities of the organizations will be evaluated in terms of technological, social, cultural and economical factors.

2. Infoxchange’s mission and activities reflecting the concept of social entrepreneurship with innovation  

Overview of Infoxchange 

• Mission/purpose

The mission of the Infoxchange is to provide equality and opportunity to the poor by enabling people to access information regarding their services. 

• Main beneficiaries and customers

Beneficiaries and customer of the company are the people who are getting benefits from Infoxchange. Aboriginal people across Victoria are getting benefits from Infoxchange and they are the beneficiaries (Infoxchange, 2020). 

• Core social programs

Social programs are those programs through which the organizations are trying to make people educated in society. Ask Izzy can be said to be an online social community program through which the organization has involved the social community 

• Legal status

Leal status means how Infoxchange maintains its legal rules and regulations. The organization shares its legal rules and regulations through the program Ask Izzy 

Infoxchange is a social organization in Australia that help poor people to find the service they need. In Australia, even the poor and homeless people have a smartphone. Infoxchange realized the fact that this smartphone can be a tool that can help the poor in getting the basic resources, necessary information about the services including the services of food and shelter in Australia (Infoxchange, 2020). Infoxchange is built on the mobile-oriented website and so the users can access all the information from their mobile phone or other devices.  

Infoxchange is continuing its research and development activities every day and thus, with the help of its new research and development, it is going to discover innovative ideas. With the ageing server, the staffs were facing difficulties to maintain files and data throughout Victoria (Infoxchange, 2020). The Pioneers of the company identified and discovered that their needs were dependent on over-complicated and rigid solutions of IT those were more frustrating than helping the staff. The pioneers of the company placed a developed IT-based technology and thus, increased the efficiency of the internal system in the organization. According to the Social and Innovation manager of the company, no one in this world today is behind digital technology. She has focused on building partnership and thus, support the innovative social justice projects in the society (Infoxchange, 2020). 

The innovative programs of the organization help the people of Australia to have support, achieve their independence and improve their standard of life through health and another wellbeing. Another innovative service of the company is the SHM engagement hubs in which people who are in need contact the caseworkers and get help on a set of issues from medication, accommodation and legal advice (Infoxchange Annual Report, 2018). From the internal innovation, it can be said that the internal innovative operation of the company help the people of the company to work more comfortably with less paperwork. (Packard and Montenegro, 2017) has shown the relationship between labour policy and digital technology. For instance, the staff can save time using digital content instead of using paper and forms.  

4. The ways in which technology is used the socialmission and financial goals

The mission of the company is to help the people of Australia through service and hence, the organization has resorted to the latest digital technology to provide the service. The digital technology has helped the company to reach its mission. Infoxchange has created a new and free mobile directory named ‘Ask Izzy’ that helps the Australian people to search location-based services (refer to Appendix 1). This website helps in providing valuable information to about over 3,50,000 regarding food and shelter, exchanges of the needle, employment information, technological services like Wi-Fi and legal and financial advice (Infoxchange, 2020). The organization also refers the current and services that can be available to the nearby locations of the poor people in Australia and also can refer the users how far they can get their desired services with suitable options of transit.

Technology helps the company in many ways. Infoxchange, through its community program, builds online tools and provide training to people to develop their digital skills and thus they know the importance of digital technology (Infoxchange Annual Report, 2018). 

The company's programs provide scope where everyone in the Australian society can participate. In this age, the smartphone is such a common tool that everybody has it and for this reason, Infoxchange has selected the digital technology to help them. In this way, the company is creating innovative ideas like new family planning and others and thus, helping the poor of Australia. the Chiefs of the company think that technology plays a pivotal role to meet the social challenges and that is why the company has selected digital technology to provide service with the vulnerable section of Australia and from time to time, the Chiefs confirm from the people of Australia that they are getting the right service from Infoxchange (Infoxchange Annual Report, 2018). With the help of digital technology, the organization has created a fairer society in Australia and has provided full potentials to the poor people.  

5. How the key activities of Infoxchange address the United Nations sustainable development goals 

United Nations is an international organization that helps in resolving the conflicts between different countries in the world. Apart from the above, the United Nations looks after many other sustainable activities that give social relief to the people of the world in different nations. To remove gender inequality is one of the aims of the United Nations.  

There are 17 sustainable goals that have been designed by the United Nations (Friis, 2019). Of which Infoxchange has achieved the goal, ‘Gender equality’. Through this goal, the organization has achieved gender equality and has thus, empowered all the women and girls. Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen, the founder of the Tech Girls Movement, not for profit, encourages women to take their career with IT and she wants to involve more and more women in IT sector for social benefits as a whole. According to the word of Jennie, there is a need for people in the technology industry from all shapes and from all types of backgrounds with diverse knowledge (Infoxchange Getting women into tech, 2015). All these services offer a rewarding career with a good salary and flexible working condition and these services of Infoxchange support the sustainable mission of the United Nations. The main purpose of Infoxchnage is to create awareness about the mission of the United Nations and its activities and to involve more people in the UN agenda such as in sustainable development activities.  

The Infoxchange conducts different type so sustainable programs that foster equality between men and women in society. Infoxchange stresses on those people who face significant problems at entry level, for example, it helps the people who are early school leavers, it helps the people who have disabilities and also those people who have some other unstable problems (Infoxchange Getting women into tech, 2015). All these activities of Infoxchange foster sustainability in Australian society and they are consistent with the sustainable objectives of the United Nations. Infoxchange, with its IT Career program, has a partnership with Microsoft and through this program, the company targets to provide benefits with youth agencies and projects.

6. Evaluation of the key factors 

Economic: The operation of Infoxchange will be influenced by political, social, economic, technological and cultural factors. The inflation rate in Australia in the year 2019 was 1.6% and the rate in the year 2020 is expected to rise to 1.8% in 2020 (Statista, 2020a) (refer to Appendix 2). Private buying of mobile phones will be decreased on the part of the customers and the organizations will have to act more for the people. Apart from this, the increased inflation rate will adversely effectuate the activities of Infoxchange 

Socio-Political: In Australia, Prime Minister Scott has been re-elected in 2019 and thus has formed a majority of government. Morrison’s government has emphasized on cutting income tax and has focused on a new climate and economic policies. This income tax reduction and other favourable policies of the Australian government will support the activities of Infoxchange in the future 

Technological: Australia as a country has adopted new technology than most other countries. The new millennium in Australia has the highest rate of internet access with over 88% of its population accessing internet services (Statista, 2020b).  This will enable Infoxchange to involve more and more young people in its services.  Further, the new trend of research and development activities in Australia will open more technological opportunities. 

Cultural: The information technology will be used among the people of different culture and different language group. The computer network will make people of different culture and language closer and thus there will be a cultural combination among different people of Australia (Meredyth, 2020).

7. Conclusion   

Infoxchange is a social organization in Australia that remains engaged in different social activities. The main task of the organization is to connect the poor people through digital technology as most of the people have a smartphone in these days and to help the poor to get valuable information in terms of their accommodation, shelter, employment and others. The social organization is taking many positive steps to involve women in its IT programs and its intention is to provide IT jobs the young women of Australia. United Nations is an organization that is involved in various sustainable works and Infoxchange supports the UN through its sustainable activities. From the perspective of evaluation of Infoxchange's activities, it can be said that all its activities boost the economy, society, technology and culture of Australia.