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BSBCUS402 Address customer needs

Assessment Task 1 - Case Study

Question 1:

Read the case study, and answer the questions that follow.

Case study

Yolanda has just started a part-time sales job in the cellar-door outlet of a winery about 50 kilometers south of Adelaide. The outlets sell bulk and estate wines that have been fermented and bottled on site at the 140-year-old winery. It also sells olive oil and other olive products from the adjacent olive grove and press, and these are also processed on site. There is wine tasting on site and a restaurant that serves lunch and platters to accompany wine tasting throughout the day.

The customers are typically international and interstate tourists with a serious interest in wine and /or olives. There are also day-trippers from Adelaide who come to taste wines, have lunch and replenish their cellar.

a) Briefly describe the background knowledge Yolanda would need about: the products other customers

  • the region and history
  1. Explain in a paragraph describe the manner she should adopt when dealing with the customers.
  2. List some of the key words she might use to help her connect with customers.

Question 2

Imagine that you are the manager of a small residential building and construction company inducting inexperienced junior sales staff. You know that communicating with customers here can sometimes be challenging due to language and cultural barriers.

  1. List four tips you would give your staff to ensure their customer service is of a high quality.
  2. Why is it important for workers to explain and match available services and products to meet customer needs?

Question 3

Read the scenario, and then complete the tasks that follow.


You work in a hardware store and a customer wishes to exchange a lawnmower that he bought last week for a cash refund. He claims that the product is faulty, but you can see from the damage to the blades that it has been misused.

  1. Write down what you would tell him to advise him of his rights and responsibilities.


You are the manager of a real estate agency and have shown a rental property to a young woman. A young male colleague who commenced work the previous week asks you for her phone number and email address, saying he’d like to invite her to a party.

  1. Write down what you would tell your colleague and the reasons for your response.

Question 4

Read the case study, and then answer the questions that follow.

Case study

Maryanne called her telecommunications provider to register a complaint about a delay in having a landline phone connected in her new apartment. She used her mobile number phone to call since she didn’t have the landline available. She had just moved to the city and was job-hunting, so she needed the phones as a matter of urgency.

Maryanne’s call was answered by an automated service that presented several options for her to choose from. After making her choices, she was then put on hold, told that her business was important and had to listen to music foe almost 15 minutes. Periodically, a prerecorded message directed her to the company’s website even though she had chosen the telephone as her preferred method of communication. She felt that she needed to explain her situation to someone and have action taken straightaway. Even if she had wanted to use the website, her Internet had not been connected in the new apartment either.

Eventually a customer service officer answered Maryanne’s call. Maryanne explained that she had gone through this process four days earlier and had spoken to an operator named Lena. The person to whom she was now speaking was difficult to understand and said they didn’t know anything about Lena and that she probably worked different shifts. As there was no record of the conversation with Lena, Maryanne was obliged to repeat the same information she had given to Lena.

Maryanne had now been on her mobile phone for almost 30 minutes and was conscious of the cost of the call. After she explained her situation to the operator she was told that there would a delay of 10 days before a technician would be available, since all the technicians in her area were currently overbooked.

When Maryanne expressed her displeasure at how her call had been handled, the operator replied with indifference that she could make a complaint on the company website.

  1. Outline the main deficiencies of the call centre model as an example of good customer service.
  2. What actions should the call center management take to meet Maryanne’s needs

Question 5

Read the case study, and then answer the questions that follow.

Case study

Rachael has built a small but successful specialty food and catering business in a suburb that has two large supermarkets in close vicinity. Rachael’s business does not have the purchasing power that larger chain stores have. She works in the store herself and employs one full-time assistant together with four casual who assist with sales and deliveries during bust periods. Rachael and her assistants are always friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

They mostly prepare finger food, continental small-goods, cheeses and beverages at the high end of the price range for business meeting and special occasions. Standards of hygiene and cleanliness are impeccable and the food is fresh and attractively presented. Even though much of the gourmet food is expensive, staffs have been instructed to provide samples to prospective customers such as local business. If a customer requests a product they do not stock, they endeavor to get it in as soon as possible. Rachael’s business practices include:

  • Regular specials
  • Combinations
  • Two for the price of one
  • Free tastings
  • Samples on request
  • Free product advice
  • A monthly ‘foodies night’
  • Support of local charities and sporting clubs.
  1. What other strategies could Rachael introduce to help her customers choose the most suitable products?
  2. What are three things Rachael does well?
  3. List three improvements you would make to Rachael’s business practices
  4. Identify any threats that Rachael’s business could face in the future.

Question 6

Explain in a paragraph why it is important to obtain consent from a customer.

Question 7

List three organisational technologies that can be deployed to ensure that organisation standardize customer service feedback and provide up to date product information.

Question 8

Imagine that you are the owner/operator of a small independent gardening and home maintenance business. You have noticed a member of a large franchise group working in the area.

  1. List all the ways you could establish effective communication with your customers.
  2. Design a letter drop pamphlet to advertise your range of service to existing, previous and potential future customers.

Question 9

Read the scenario, and then answer the questions that follow.


You are the manager of reception centre that specialise in occasions such as small conferences, weddings and special birthdays. A young couple has just booked your venue for their wedding and reception. They ask you to help organise the entire wedding day and willing to pay you for this service.

  1. Why is it important to establish, maintain and expand your existing networks in this scenario?
  2. Briefly describe how you would keep your networks up to date and accurate.
  3. List the products and services customers may need outside your organisation
  4. Briefly explain how your referrals may benefits the customer, your organisation and the referred organisation.
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Answer :

Question 1

a) Yolanda should know about the quality of the olive products and quality of the blend of the wines. In terms of customers, the income level, cultural backgrounds, social demands and perception level of all the customers should be understood. The history about the wine consuming culture of that particular region should be evaluated very well.

b) Yolanda should discuss about the quality of blend of the wines with the international customers while dealing with the, Moreover, some direct sales promotional approach also should be considered.

c) She may use words like quality, old blend, healing ability of olive products, strong brand image of all the products with target customers. 

Question 2

a) First of all, representatives of local areas should be appointed to communicate with customers. Secondly, effective promotional activities should be considered. Thirdly, use of local language and local cultural orientations in promotions should be ensured. Lastly, a local popular celebrity should be hired to endorse the company (Holloway, 2016).

b) Customers always investigate the quality, quantity, price and efficiency of products and services before consumption. Therefore, it is important to explain all the details. 

Question 3

a) As long as the product has been damaged due to misuse, I would tell the customer to go for servicing against a minimum servicing charge as he is one of our valued customers. In long-term it will help us to create a strong customer loyalty and it will strengthen the customer base. 

b) I will not share her personal contact details with the young male colleague as sharing her details will hamper the work ethics and it is against the sustainability as it may result in several social and legal challenges (Bloom et al., 2015). 

Question 4

a) Lack of quick response, lack of productive response, making a valuable customer wait for several days, and overlooking her problem despite in the service providing industry, and no solution to the complaint can be considered as the major deficiencies.

b) The call centre management should serve a notice to all the engaged customer service executives associated with the call and solve the problem of Maryanne on immediate basis (Keszey and Biemans, 2016).   

Question 5

a) Rachael can introduce some strategies, such as happy hours to offer food items at economic price level in dull season and sponsoring several popular local events. These would help in building customer loyalty and would also help in creating significant awareness. 

b) Providing sample to the local business clients, friendly behaviour with the customers, maintaining high quality, and selling food products at high price during occasions can be considered as major strengths of Rachael’s business.

c) Rachael should focus on online social media promotion, sponsoring popular local events, and hiring more skilled employees to expand the business reach, which may help in improving the business growth (Moller and Parvinen, 2015).

d) Threat from substitute business entities, economic slowdown of the country and fierce market competition can be considered as the major challenges. 

Question 6

Customers are considered as the real king of any business. This is acceptable that the industries in global market places have become highly competitive. The demand, needs, priority and satisfaction level of the customers have become highly important for all the business entities. Therefore, the companies have started to introduce products and services depending upon the taste and preference of the target customers (Malshe et al., 2017). Otherwise the companies can face real challenges in generating revenues and making profit. Therefore, it is important for all the companies to take consent from all the customers before offering products and services. 

Question 7

First of all, this is important for all the companies to request the customers to give the feedback through auto-feedback process on company website by giving stars and proper explanation. Secondly, the companies can develop individual mobile applications and request the customers to share their valuable feedbacks through the smart phone applications. Lastly, a telephonic survey can be conducted by the marketing executives of the companies to get standardise feedback of the customers. 

Question 8

a) First of all, I will try to use the traditional approaches to communicate with the member of large franchise through letters, telephones or taking appointment. Lastly, I also can consider contemporary approaches, such as e-mail and popular social media networking websites to communicate with the member of the large franchisee (Homburg et al., 2017). 

b) In the letter drop pamphlet, the detail of the services, pricing of the services, contact details of company, concerned executives, and contact details of the concerned executives should be considered to attract the existing, previous and future customers. 

Question 9

a) It is important to develop, maintain and expand the existing networks in the given scenario in order to attract more clients and customers through satisfying the needs of the individual customers as it will act as a word-of-mouth marketing activities, which is necessary in the event management business.

b) The networks should be kept accurate and up-to-date through intense secondary and primary research. Personal interaction with all the clients and stakeholders will help us. Moreover, we also can get valuable information from the internet sources. 

c) We will try to provide all sorts of facilities to our clients. If also we do not avail some of them, we will definitely outsource them in order to reduce the level of stress and headache of our clients.

d) Our referrals will satisfy the needs of our clients as they will face less difficulty to find services (Arnett and Wittmann, 2014). In terms of our benefits, we will be successful to earn their loyalty and it will help us to get more clients. In terms of referred organisations’ point of views, they also would like to do business with us through their referrals and these will benefit both of us.