Affordances In Relation To Digital Technology

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Discuss the term 'affordances' in relation to digital technology. Give a practical example and link your theoretical discussion with the real-world situation of affordances in digital technology.

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Answer 1

The term ‘affordances’ in relation to digital technology refers to the tasks that users can perform with the help of such technologies at their disposal. In other words it is the possibility of action with the help of digital technology. Digital technology provides affordances that help in shaping the social engagement where people operate within networked publics. 

An example is where classroom teachers use digital framework for formative assessments and providing support to learning of students. The presentation software and hypertext are used by teachers to ensure more interactive activity lessons making the classroom more interactive affordance as created by the digital technology. Teachers also use the technology to engage students through re-creating quiz show themes in the classrooms. This makes it clear that affordances relates to the relationship between users and object along with their creative and adaptive interaction with the environment. There are several different possibilities of using digital technology to develop pedagogies proving to be effective as innovative learning activities. This explains the term affordances as an array of possible actions. 

Answer 2

It is true to say that digital mobile technology has improved relationship between people as it has changed the dynamics of relationships through five key levers of directness, continuity, multiplicity, parity and commonality. The technology has made it possible to ensure richer sharing of ideas and minimising the possibilities of loss and misunderstanding of messages. It has become possible to ensure a continuous and regular flow of interactions from long distance while with creating possibilities of deeper knowledge and wider understanding of situations and relationships. A wise use of mobile technology makes it possible to improve interaction between students, medical practitioners and their patients, getting connected with people cut off from the world during cataclysmic events. Finally, it is the feature of engaging various sections of society on a single and equal platform that helps in creating commonality where people share a common purpose in their relationships.