Air Cargo Development: Development And Restriction

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Question :

Analyze the article associated with the field of ar cargo development and answer the given questions accordingly.

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Answer :

Article analysis


Answer to question no- 1.

 There are many factors helping or restricting air cargo development such as:

  1. Environmental condition is one of the aspect because the transport is not possible when such conditions appears. 
  2. Sensitive cargo are basically transported with the shipping methods as air transport with the change in temperature affect the commodity.

Volume and weight is another aspect of the income for the air cargo because more the weight, more the revenue of them so mainly they prefer the commodities having more weight and volume ((Oster, & Strong, 2017).

Answer to question no- 2. 

 Factors affecting the growth of major cargo hubs are:

  1. With the increase in the transport by the hub countries, they receive the freight and more the income so more the transport then more the income.
  2. Mails are sent from the road with the different stages of delivery where as with air transport it becomes way easier. 

There are congestion because with the increase in the demand and lack of availability of space causes other product delay Song, & Yeo, 2017). 

Answer to question no-3. 

Air cargo industry faces an important challenge because of economic condition of the developing countries and the expensive facilities of the air cargo due to which they cannot afford them and takes other mode of transport (Hakim, & Merkert, 2016).

Summary of the article

In modern period air cargo plays an important role not only in the field of transporting passengers but also in the commodities. Countries transport the goods to the other countries as it is the fastest means of transport but is quite expensive.  Hong Kong, Memphis, Shanghai Pudong are top three countries airport for air cargo’s. There is significant investment in air cargo facilities which leaded DHL, UPS and TNT establishing their UK hubs.  One of the basic and commonly used transport in mailing the letters and cargos in different countries are by the means of air transport by these companies.