AM809001 Digital Media In Marketing Strategy Assessment 1 Answer

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AM809001 Marketing in a Digital Age Assessment 1 – Report

Word Count Guidance:1500 words*

Weighting/Contribution:20% of final mark

Learning Outcomes:1, 2, and 3


Assessment Overview

This is the first of two assessments for this course.

Produce a report that critically evaluates the application of digital technology in the marketing strategy of a variety of organisations, in the context of digital technology’s influence on consumer behaviour and best business practices for growth.

Conditions of Assessment

This is an individual assessment that you will complete in your learner-managed time, however, your teacher will provide opportunities during class time for clarification, and guidance, collaborative working opportunities, and group discussion. All work must be completely your own and all literature used must be referenced appropriately using APA 6th edition. In order to pass this course, you must achieve a cumulative grade of at least 50% across assessments one and two.

Learning Outcome(sAssessed

  1. Critically evaluate how organisations apply new technologies and media to design a holistic marketing framework and customer value statement within the Aotearoa New Zealand context.
  2. Investigate the application of technology in marketing strategies within a range of organisations and identify best practice for growth.
  3. Critically analyse the impact of technology on consumer behaviour.


Please see your course outline for guidelines around reassessment, resubmission, and extensions.


To prepare for this assessment you will investigate a range of organisations (2 or more) within the Aotearoa New Zealand context. These may include organisations differing in size, scope, type, business purpose, objectives, supply of goods and services, etc.

For each of the organisations selected, critically evaluate how it applies digital technology (media) in its integrated marketing strategy for value creation for its targeted customer (consumer) markets, and best business practices for growth. Use relevant evidence and literature to support your critical evaluation.

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Answer :


  • Introduction

This report is focussed on the impact of the implementation of digital media in the marketing strategy of different companies. Two companies, namely, Fletcher Building and Air New Zealand, have been chosen for critically evaluating the influences of digital media on the marketing strategy of these two companies. In addition to this, the two organizations that have been selected are described in brief in this report then the incorporation of digital media in the marketing strategy of the chosen has been elaborated, and the impact of the same on the behaviours of the consumer has also been addressed in this report. Lastly, before concluding the report, strategies for the creation of values have been discussed, and then the report has been concluded by discussing the future scope of the digital media in the marketing strategy.

  • Organizations in the Aotearoa New Zealand context

First Organization: Fletcher Building 

Name of the organizationSizeScopeTypeBusiness purposeObjectivesSupply of goods and services
Fletcher BuildingAs influenced by the idea of researchers, it can be said that Fletcher building is considered to be one of the biggest listed company within New Zealand and it has a market capitalization of NZ$4Billion. In addition to this, it has also been found that there are more or less 20,000 employees in the company throughout the world, and it has more than 34 business units (Fletcherbuilding, 2019).The scope of the company is to provide the best quality material and continue as one of the largest company in New Zealand by satisfying customers.  A private limited company. This company is a major manufacturing company with more than 34 units throughout the worldPurpose of the business to manufacture and distribute products for building and employing more and more talented people. 
To be the customer leading company 
To better every day
To play fairly 
Building materials 

Table 1: About the Fletcher Building

(Source: Fletcherbuilding, 2019)

Second Organization: Air New Zealand

Name of the organizationSizeScopeTypePurpose of Business ObjectivesGoods and services supply
Air New Zealand Air New Zealand is the leading and largest airlines in New Zealand, which gives services of cargo and passengers to near about 17 million passengers each year.The scope of Air New Zealand is to become so successful that its success becomes completely attached with the success of the country.A public limited company, which is a global network providing cargo and passenger to more than 17 million people in and from New Zealand.The purpose of this company is to gain a competitive advantage and thereby identifying proven strategies for becoming successful in the market. 
To develop resilient domestic business
To focus on the Pacific rim of the international network
To initiate loyalty programs
To focus on sustainable improvement of the cost  
Providing cargo and passenger services to individuals in and out of New Zealand. 

Table 2: About Air New Zealand

(Source: Airnewzealand, 2019)

  • Application of digital technology in the integrated marketing strategy in the organizations

Fletcher Building: As influenced by the idea of Yasmin, Tasneem and Fatema (2015), it can be said that each and every company in the present time is thinking about incorporating digital marketing in their business for competing with the entire bigger player in the market. In addition to this, it has also been found that Fletcher Building in New Zealand has also incorporated digital marketing strategies in their business. Two of the basic types of digital media used by the company were social media and digital campaigning. As influenced by the idea of Ryan (2016), the company was benefitted in many ways by the use of social media and digital campaigning and this section of the report will focus on the benefits that the company got after implementation of digital marketing:

  • As stated by Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick (2019), it may be implied that digitalized strategies of  marketing helped in the development of the ground for competing with the bigger players in the market 
  • Digital marketing provided avenues for advertising within budget 
  • Tracking of money spent on advertising by the help of digital marketing 
  • The reach of the advertisement was checked in accordance with the targeted audiences of the company (Ryan, 2016)

The campaigning in social media made the company more popular and helped in increasing the brand values of the company by increasing the customer base. In addition to this, the presence of the company's on social media convinced the customer that the product of the company was best suited for them. However, it was also observed that the customers were only convinced after comparing the brand with all its competitors and then only they went ahead with the purchase. Therefore, it is concluded that the implementation of digital marketing proved to be advantageous for the company, Fletcher Building (Acar & Puntoni, 2016)

Air New Zealand: As influenced by the idea of Kingsnorth (2019), it can be said that the airline industry is considered as one of the fastest growing industries in the entire world. In addition to this, it has been found that the applications of digital marketing strategies have made it possible. Furthermore, it can be said that the strategies of digital marketing have become very important these days in each and every field. As inferred from the text of Baltes (2015), it can be implied that those days are gone when people used to visit airports for any inquiries, digital media have contributed in this made the work easier for the customers. As stated by Chaffey & Ellis-Chadwick (2019), it can be said that with the utilization of the social media and all the types of the virtual platform have helped a lot for transforming the traditional methods of the Air New Zealand into the modern digital platform. In addition to this, it has been identified that that digital media like, social media, digital campaigning and many more have changed the way of operation of the Air New Zealand. As influenced by the idea of Kingsnorth (2019), it can be said that application of the digital strategies for marketing have helped in many ways such as it has enabled a new way of the collaboration of the function of the airline for connecting technology and people for providing an excellent experience to the customers. 

In reference to the context of Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick (2019), it can be said that there are many impacts on consumer behaviour due to the application of digital marketing strategies. It has been observed that the application of the digital marketing strategy not only helped the company in reaching out to people but also helped the customers. This section highlights the help that digital marketing strategies have done a lot for impacting customers. Online check-in and reservation, validation and many different types of services in the airport are some of the impacts that digital marketing. This, in turn, made the customers decide to choose Air New Zealand for their only mode of transport. 

Value creation strategies of the organisations for targeted customers

Fetchers Building: As influenced by the idea of Husted, Allen and Kock (2015), it can be said that Fletchers Building’s strategy for the creation of value for its customer is dependent on the diversity out, leaner and simpler and this is in focus with New Zealand. In addition to this, it has been identified that the main idea behind value creation for the targeted customers is to spring clean for outfits, which gathers businesses and then help in finding a structural mess. In addition to this, it can be said that Fletcher Building has announced that by this value creation, the company will be more focussed on growing core operations for distribution and building products.  It has also been decided by the company that it will leverage the strong position within the value chain, which is concrete. As influenced by the idea of Hess et al. (2016), it can be implied that digital technologies like media campaigning and promotions in social networking sites have helped the customers a lot in having in-depth knowledge about the services and products of the company. This, in turn, has added to the value creation of the company.

Air New Zealand:  As influenced by the idea of Terho et al. (2015), it can be said that the customers are the core of business for the company. In addition to this, it has also been found that this company has been doing everything since its establishment for satisfying customer and creating values. As stated by Hess et al. (2016), it can be said that this company has tried to develop a meaningful connection, which stays for a lifetime. The company does this by the help of the Kiwi ingenuity, by the help of all its employees. This, in turn, helps in bringing to life to the unique values of Air New Zealand. As influenced by the idea of Husted, Allen & Kock (2015), it can be said that the company, allows people to be themselves and this contributes to the value creation of the company for the targeted customers. In addition to this, it has also been identified that the value creation of the company has let the company have a consistent standard of excellence in the delivery of the targeted customer service. In addition to this application of digital technologies like the company website and social media pages has helped the customers to solve their queries sitting at home. 


After analysing the entire study, it can be said that two of the best companies in New Zealand have been chosen for business strategies. In addition to this, the scope, types, objectives and services of the company have ensured that these two companies always strive to incorporate strategies for making their customer satisfied in every way. In addition to this, this study has also highlighted the application of digital marketing in the business strategies of the two companies.  Therefore, after analysing this section it can be ended by saying that the implementation of digital marketing strategies has helped a lot in the growth of the business of the companies and has also impacted customer behaviour. Finally, at the end of the study the value creation strategy has been described, from which it can be concluded that for Fletcher Building and Air New Zealand, customers are the primary focus of the company and the business and they always look for ways to develop values that will satisfy the customers and help in maintaining the connection with them in the future days.