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AMT 2630 Business Plan template


Before working on your farm/business plan, you will need to submit a one to two page proposal outlining your farm business operation for approval.  The following guidelines must apply:

  • You cannot use an existing farm operation, you must start a new operation 
  • You must purchase land, equipment, and livestock. You may elect to develop a farm that is 100% crops or 100% livestock, or a mix of your choice. You may also elect to start another type of Agri-business.   
  • Small Hobby farms or businesses will not be permitted, your plan should be for  full time farm or agri-business. 
  • You cannot be gifted any land, equipment, or livestock, nor can you get hypothetical support from any family or friends.  All items that the farm/business needs must be purchased at current market values, you will be asked to include screenshots of all land/equipment/items that you purchase, make sure you include a copy of the price in your screenshot. Put these screenshots into the appendix of your business plan. 
  • You will have a rich Uncle Bob that will give you 30% of the funds that you need to start your farm. More information on this will be given in class. 

The template is provided as a reference only. Not all sections will be relevant for your farm / business and you may need to modify it to respond to your needs. 

The suggested items listed in this template are not comprehensive, your instructor will give you more guidance on what to complete in each part / section as we work through the semester.  You will be expected to include these additional items into your plan even if they are not presently listed in the template. 

Write simply and concisely.

Your business plan is not a static document. You will need to review it regularly and adjust it throughout the semester to reflect changing conditions.

As you progress through your business plan, delete the instructions (in red) and enter in your own information. 

External Information: For each section you will be expected to find external sources of information on your farm and the industry that you are working in.  You should have anywhere from 3-10 external references for each part of your plan All references must be included in the bibliography using proper APA formatting.

Farm / Business Name
AMT 2630 Business plan
Contact Information
Name Last Name
Email Address

Table of Contents

Insert your table of contents here

Part 1 - Farm / Business overview

Provide a concise description of what you do and who you serve. Use this section to highlight your competitive position; include the size of the market, competitors, market and technological trends, and identify laws that regulate your industry.

Farm / Business description

What to include here:

·     What solutions do you provide to your customers?

·     How is the company trending? Where do you fit within the industry or market?

·     What are the current major initiatives of the business?

·     Where is your company located?

·     How long have you been around, and what’s changed since you first started?

Your text here…

Mission, vision, values

What to include here:

·     Mission statement. What does your organization do? What solution do you offer customers?

·     Your vision statement describes where you want to go/future goals.

·     Your values describe your company culture and offer a glimpse into what customers can expect when dealing with you.

Your text here…

Industry overview and trends

What to include here:

·     What’s happening in your industry, or in the market where you’re selling, that could have a positive or negative impact on your company?

·     Have you seen an uptick in demand for a product or service?

·     Is the population changing? Are you customers getting older?

·     Is your current product or service at risk of becoming obsolete, forcing you to change?

·     Have new competitors emerged?

·     Could new regulations, tax or trade laws have an impact on your business?

Your text here…

Technological trends

What to include here:

·     Are new technologies disrupting your industry?

·     What is your plan to deal with emerging technological trends in your industry?

·     What technology are you using and how do you maintain it?

·     How do your suppliers and customers use technology? Is that changing?

Tip: Technology can affect your core business as well as back-end processes, hiring, supply chain and customer purchasing behaviour.

Your text here…

Government regulations

What to include here:

·     Are there regulatory or legal changes affecting your product, service or industry?

·     Have you seen anything highlighted in the news about free trade agreements or environmental protections, for example?

·     Do you work in an industry that’s highly regulated, like healthcare?

Tip: Industry associations often have a list of recent or impending regulatory changes that affect their members.

Your text here…

The market

Overview of market trends

What to include here:

·     What group of customers do you serve?

·     What is the size of that customer group? Is this number growing or changing?

·     How has customer behaviour changed over time?

·     Are there new products or services that have emerged?

·     Has the supply chain changed?

·     Are there regulatory changes that affect your potential customers or their ability to buy your product or service?

Your text here…

Target market

What to include here:

·     Describe your ideal customer.

·     What are their needs?

·     Is their purchasing behaviour changing?

Your text here…

Products and services

What to include here:

·     What products or services are you currently selling?

·     What portion of overall revenues does each product or service represent?

·     How do your products or services fit within the overall market?

·     How can your products or services evolve to respond to market changes?

Your text here…

The competition

Competitors and types of competition

What to include here:

·     Who are your direct competitors?

·      Who sells similar products or services in your market?

·     Can you also identify indirect competitors?

·     Are there companies disrupting or undermining your industry or selling a new product or service that may replace yours?

Your text here…

Competitors’ strengths and weaknesses

What to include here:

·     Where do you see your competitors as vulnerable?

·     What are they doing successfully?

Your text here…

Competitive advantage and differentiator

What to include here:

·     What would make customers choose your product or service over your competitors’ offerings?

·     What’s different about your product or service?

·     What unique solution are you offering?

·     Do you have unique means of distributing your product or service?

·     Do you offer competitive payment terms or guarantees to your customers?

Your text here…

Start up costs

What to include here: 

·     complete the following table, Note: that the total Costs and the Total Funding must be equal. You may add in more rows if needed.  You may also complete this in a spreadsheet and then copy in your spreadsheet data when you are finished. 

Startup Costs
Items to be purchased

Funding for each item to be purchased will come from:


Uncle Bob
Total Funding


Equipment 2

Equipment 3

Livestock 1

Livestock 2



Part 2 - Sales and marketing

Identify your key customers and suppliers, how you communicate with them, (sales, web, promotions, ongoing support), how you price and distribute your product or service, and customer support. 


What to include here:

·     List and describe your key customers.

·     Is your business reliant on a few primary customers?

·     How have you diversified your customer base?

Tip: Include sales terms and the products or services you provide.

Additional information


What to include here:

·     Do you rely on one or two primary suppliers?

·     If you are dependent on a supplier to run your business successfully, identify it here.

Tip: If operating a web-based or virtual consulting service, you may want to include internet service providers and third-party web security providers.

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