Analysing The Importance Of Human Resource Management

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Discuss the importance of human resource management in present day business organizations.

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Human resource management in a company is very important. In this report, the problems that are identified will be discussed and the causes will also be discussed. The current HRM policies and the practices of the organization will also be discussed and reviewed in the report below. The HR practice and the models of the organization is also been discussed in the report below. The importance of HRM department is very important in any organization as the management and the employees’ needs to be handled by the human resources department. In this report, the human resource management’s work has been analyzed and review and this report has been prepared. The HRM policies and practices is been discussed in detail in this report and its importance in the organization's success is been discussed. The Human resource management is the most important department of an organization as it manages the employees and the higher level management. In this assignment various HR practice models have been described in the below assignment as well as various causes of the identified problems has also been focused.


Discuss the causes of identified problems 

In the past few decades organizations suffered setbacks due to matters related to organizational growth and other issues. This in turn had compelled the organizations to take raucous moves against the employees. In order to say, those would be cutting off employees’ salaries, prevention of their incentives and benefits, that they justifiably deserved, and increased working hour. As justifiably stated by the great scientist, Sir Isaac Newton that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, likewise the organizations suffered due to their inability of retaining and attracting their employees. Those above mentioned issues compelled the executives of various organizations to develop and induce effective strategies in their human resource departments. If the organizations had not taken effective actions regarding those issues then it would possibly have led to an anarchical state in the global market.   

A few issues faced by the human resource department of various organizations would be argued in this particular context. The organizations are facing major problems regarding the retention of their employees, replacing ‘baby boomers’ with the experienced employees, utilizing the aid of talent management in order to train the employees to make them eligible of accomplishing their designated tasks (Sparrow, Brewster, & Chung,2016). Some other issues like adjustment of benefit programs to reduce or manage cost, dispensing or complying with the operational utilization of the human resource technology. The organizations that are still struggling with the human resource department, should install effective software which would resolve the ambiguities related to the particular department. Obeying the ever changing and revised state and local demand influences intolerance, unionization and several other issues. The issue of unionization truly affects the human resource department as it imbibes discrimination in any organization (Armstrong, & Taylor, 2014). The organizations need to apply strict strategies to eradicate the issue completely; otherwise it would distort harmony and healthy functionality.         

Research and review the current HRM policies and practices of the organization 

The strategic and e-human resource management had has always been an argumentative topic to discuss. It would really wonder one if the likeliness and the differences of both the strategies are discussed. The idea of strategic human resource management was introduced in the market thirty years back. On the other hand, the research stream known as e-human resource management came into existence just a few years back. In case of the strategic human resource management, the researchers focus on strategic organizational rendition and proper alignment (Beardwell, & Thompson, 2014). . In case of the e-human resource management, the researchers and the scholars focus on imparting flawless human resource management services through the internet. The fulfillment of the organizational goals and objectives would be through the use of advanced technological innovations. This would be the main focus of the researchers related with e-human resource management. 

It is time for the discussion about the concept of strategic and e-human resource management. In the early times the concept of strategic human resource management was interpreted as a strategy or planned system of deploying efficient workers in an organization in order to attain the desired goals and objectives. The strategic human resource management reflects universality, contingency and contextual viewpoint (Brewster, & Hegewisch, Eds, 2017). According to some scholars, the interpretation of HRM policies would be a set of rules and norms that are put into effect to deploy or recruit efficient workers in order to influence the business transactions in an affirmative manner. The best definition of e-human resource management would be the application of policies and strategies of an organization with the complete assistance of web channels. The current trend of organizational HRM policies entertained by the researchers and scholars are the implication of e-human resource management policies. It is more effective than the traditional strategic human resource management, only because of the interference of the internet. 

HR practice models from the organization 

In any organization different types of Human resources and Management models and theories are applied. Few appropriate HRM models and theories are applied in the Amazon organization as well. Few appropriate models are the Harvard model, Warwick model, guest comparative model and Michigan model. These models are incorporated in this organization. The models are summarized as below.

The Harvard model:

Harvard model is used as a strategic map that primarily concentrates on the Soft aspects of HRM.  It mainly puts forth the idea that the employees of any particular organization need to be cost effective and competent. This model works with six basic components which are the interest of the stakeholders, human resources management policy choices, HR outcomes of an organization, long term consequences and most importantly the feedback loop.

Warwick model: this model has been developed by Hendry and Pettigrew in the year 1990. This model focuses on the analytical approach to HRM. it identifies the role of the management personnel and how they function on the perspective of human resource strategy content. The HRM strategy content includes the outer and inner context along with the business strategy context.

The Michigan Model- It reflects the impulse that the manner of treating the subordinates needs to be a manual analogue of the treatment of resources. Moreover, it imposes an introspective chronology of tasks in order to revive the prevalent organizational performance. As per this model, the selection of the recruit needs to be ensured in order to exploit the excellence of the respective recruit properly. Furthermore, the recruits expect regular acknowledgement of their performance in order to consolidate their commitment towards the organization. Moreover, they expect financial analogues of this acknowledgement in terms of rewards and incentives.

 Guest Comparative Model- This model tends to emphasize an integrated HRM strategy that caters superior performance characteristics. The moot essence of this model is to differentiate among several aspects of HRM components. It focuses on the integrated management practices that can lead to superior individual and organizational performance which is the sole aim of any organization. This model provides a clear idea of HRM strategies like focus on the quality, differentiation and innovation. It also focuses on the quality of the outcome which depends on the commitment, selection, involvement, job designs and security of the employees.   


It can be inferred that HRM which is known as Human Resource Management is a key piece of each association. HRM has an immense obligation both on workers and also the association. This is the correspondence connect for both the administration and the association. In this task different part of HRM has been concealed. The criticalness of HRM in an association has been talked about quickly in this venture. The primary objective of Human Resource Management is to diminish the hazard, boost the arrival on speculation and powerful utilization of workers. 

Diverse hypotheses have been distinguished and their utilization in the association has been talked. Aside from that, the work configuration, structure and workplace of the association has been engaged and how inspiration should be conveyed among them to improve the profitability and comprehend their potential. In addition, exact investigation of the part of Hr chief in settling worker grievances has additionally been talked about in wide point of view.