Analysis Of Organizations Strategic Approach For Workforce Management: Assessment 1 Case Study Answer

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Assessment 1 - Case Study Why this assessment

This assessment is designed to get you to research and critically analyse an organisation's strategic approach to managing their workforce, considering internal and external factors.

Your Task

You will choose one (1) of the following articles as the basis far your report. Further research is then required to identify the potential causes that have led to this situation using the PESTLE model. Your research should include recent industry and academic sources such as contemporary issue in hospitality, to 'locate evidence and examples of cause to then provide discussion of the resulting article. Recommendations are then to be made in the form of advice to other hospitality businesses to avoid a similar situation.

1. Employee or contractor?

https://haliandwilcox.corn.auithinking/taken-for-a-ride-foodora-rider-found to be an-employee/

2. The increasing commute lime for employees

hit ity-workers -average-commute-has- blown -outto-66-niinutes-a-day-how-does-yours-comparei (https://www,sbs.comau/newsi australian-city-warkers-kwerage-cninmute-has-%20blown-out-to-66-rninules-a-day-how-dues-youss-comparei)

3. Celebrity chef under pays employees

hitpslilsoontLabc.netaninews/2019-07- liggeorge-calombaris-made-establishment-

hack/rays-underpaid-workers/11320274 liiitpsirlis^

george-ce lombaris- made-establishment-%20backpays-underpaid-wrkers/11320274 })

Other information about this assessment

1. Introduction (50 words) - provide an introduction to introduce the article and methods for analysis.

2. Body (1000 words) - using the PESTLE model, Ibis section should introduce, describe and explain the key issues using a sub-heading for each issue.

3. Conclusion (50 words) - a brief conclusion to summarize implications of the issues for global tourism into the future.

4. Recommendations - consider what similar organisations should do to avoid or mitigate their business facing a similar situation,

5. Reference List - a list of references - minimum 6 - (industry and academic).

6. Note: the word count excludes ln•text citations and reference list.

Marking Criteria

identification of key arguments 20%

Critical and independent analysis of key arguments 20%

Direct link between theory and argument with relevant literature on the topic 10%

Understanding the relationship between the important aspects of the topic 10%

Conclusion clearly linked to concepts developed in your paper 10%

Use of broad and relevant literature on the topic 20%

Case Presentation and Referencing 10%

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