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Executive Summary

This study specifies the application of innovative approach which can be implemented to develop organisational up gradation of an organisation. It can be stated that effective organisational structure can be specified with the relevance of the innovation process. This study also declares involvement of the different features such as leadership, focus and application of creativity to determine the effectively of innovation process in the business operation.


This study focuses on the effective implication of human resource in order to determine the organisational growth of an organization. Here in, application of creativity and innovative approach are also to be discussed with the relevance of reaching organisational goal. It can be added that the process of innovation can be marked as an approach which can be utilized to create a different identity of the particular organization in the high competition market. In relation to that organisational style and work process of Kia motors are to be discussed in the study incorporating the issues relating leadership, focus, creativity, invention and entrepreneurship. Business operation of Kia Motors is related to the process of automobile manufacturer and related servicing process.

Organisational style which can reflect on the application of creativity and innovation

Innovation can be regarded as the style based on which business activities can be upgraded. It can be added that development of different departmental activities can be upgraded by utilising the application of innovative thinking. Innovating process can be generated assessing the demand of the customers, market trend (Serrat, 2017). Apart from that, the sufficiency of human resource can also be considered as the integrated part of process of innovation using which application of innovative idea can be effectively executed. As the organisational point of view of Kia motor’s it can be stated that the organization is linked to the process of manufacturing and supplying the vehicle parts. It can be added that the organisation focuses on the issue of innovative approach to ensure stable condition in the high market competition. On the other hand, innovative approach can introduce a specific identity through which marketing process of an organisation can be developed (Lee, 2017).

Process of innovation can be marked as an approach which can be implied by the effective use of organisational culture. It can be stated that the organisational style needs to be prepared based on the strategy, structure, support mechanism, behaviour relating to the matter of encouraging innovation and communication. It is required to specify vision and mission of the organisation such as Kia motors. Apart from that it needs to utilise the purposefulness of the work process. With the relevance, it is required to clarify the organisational flexibility relating to the matter of implication of freedom and cooperative teams and group interaction.

Figure 1: Application of innovation in organisational culture

Source: Gao, (2017)

Freedom of the organisation can be differentiated in the different field also such as autonomy, empowerment and decision making approach. Through this approach, it can be possible to spread out of power which can ascertain flexibility into the business process. It can be added that the process of empowerment provides flexibility to the organisational culture, based on which it can be possible for the employees to think relating to the beyond of conventional approach. In terms of developing the existing work procedure, it needs to provide stress on the support mechanism which can provide support to the process of innovation approach. It can be encouraged by using the process of providing award and recognition. Apart from that the management of the organisation can introduce different types of available resource such as time, information technology and the creative human resource. It can be stated that shortage of time limit or the pressure of deadline can decrease the possibility of successful application of the innovative approach. As the management of Kia motor is related to automobile sector, technological development can be regarded as must applied criterion to increase the level of efficiency of the organisation. In connection to that the application of the effective human resource can develop the possibility of utilization of the innovative approach relating to the selling procedure (Malinowski and Howkins, 2018). Idea relating to the matter of providing seven years warranty of the technical parts can provide psychological support to the employees to make decision regarding to the matter of purchasing.

In relation to that behaviour which can increase motivational approach can also be improved can be marked as mistake handling, idea generating, continuous learning culture and the risk taking approaches. It can be stated that the process of innovative application cannot be denied with the possibility of enhancing mistakes. Under such circumstances, it is required not to get frustrated and focusing on the matter of idea generating. Apart from that continuous learning culture can also secure the process of effectiveness of the organisational sustainability which can ensure the enhancement of the volume of the organisation. In order to upgrade the process of the implication of the organisational process, risk taking approach can be identified as the criterion which can be initially marked as threat to business process. Application of this, in a different aspect and practical knowledge can increase its significance. Last of all, it can be added that open ended communication process can increase the effectively of the innovation procedure in the organisational culture. 

Application of Leadership style with innovative approach

In order to develop the organisational sustainability, it is required to focus on the suitable organisational structure. In order to ensure the transparency of an organisational structure, it is required to focus on the systematic process of distribution of power. Leadership approach can be connected to the process, based on which instruction regarding the work process can be specified. Through this approach the organisational pyramid can also be properly executed.

In order to develop the leadership style, it is required to focus on the matter of determining the specific and proper models of leadership such as autocratic leadership, democratic leadership and team leadership.

It can be stated that autocratic leadership style deals with the approach through which an individual business operator can control the overall work process. It can be added that this approach introduces an obligation over the organisational structure as well as work process. Therefore, this cannot be related to the approach of using innovative ideas which can bring change in the work process. This type of leadership approach can be marked as a confined way which is generally used to keep sustainability of the work process.

Democratic leadership approach can be certainly utilised to develop the work process of the said organization by involving the employees in the operational process. It can be added that the management provides flexibility to the employees to provide their opinion. It can be related to the matter of introducing innovative idea which can increase the adaptability of the work process (Sinno et al. 2016). Through this process, it can also be possible to provide confidence to the employees and can heighten the organisational atmosphere also. For an example, it can be stated that, the management can conduct a meeting relating to the matter of heightening the adaptability of the automobile parts using creative thought process. Apart from that, management can offer the employees to deliver their own proposal relating the matter of introducing different technological implementation and its budget.

In order to introduce effective leadership approach with innovation, it is required to focus on the four important criteria such as people, means, effect and goals. It can be stated that in terms of executing the changes relating to innovative approach in the organisational work process, it is required to demonstrate the changing process towards the business related human resource. Innovative idea can be utilised to determine the meaning of the following instruction to develop the work process of the organisation. In order to introduce innovative approach, it is also required to focus on the effect and the goals of the organisation's point of view. After that it is required to assess the innovative process with the organisational goal.

Directive and participative leadership approach can also be utilised to develop the prosperity of an organisation. It introduces the provision of indulging the employees in the decision making procedure where creativity can be shown (Yang et al. 2017). It can be added that different types of criteria such as improving marketing procedure, showing creativity in the manufacturing of the automobile technology can ensure the customer satisfaction in relation to the automobile industry. Participative approach can determine sufficiency of options which can be assessed to properly utilize to increase productivity.

Innovative approach focusing on organisational activities

Approach of innovation can be utilised based on a definite focus relating to the business fundamental. It can be marked as an related thought process using a systematic approach. In terms of determining the focus of the organisation which can be specified in the strategy making planning procedure, it is required to focus on the proper market research (Yang et al. 2017). Market research can provide different types of information relating to the industry such as the current trend of the market, customer’s demand, enhancement and reduction of the price of raw materials. Based on the information, management can focus on the relevant particular sector where the innovative approach can be utilised. As an instance, it can be stated that focusing on market trend, management can identify the matter that the application of the installment procedure is adapted effectively by the customers. With the relevance of ensuring the profit margin and maintaining the customer base, management can take initiative regarding the matter of providing the possibility to make payment in instalment where 0% interest can be added. This innovative approach can introduce business operational delicacy focusing on the issue of maintaining customer base (Goldman et al. 2016). On the other hand, innovative marketing move can be executed by providing the customers 2 years free service of the equipments. It can develop the selling procedure of the organisation.

 Apart from that to increase the quality of the vehicle’s part, management can introduce innovative approach by providing stress on the particular factor of security. In connection to that the bonnet of the car can be prepared with the application of current technologies such as application of smart watches, cctv camera with clear picture and video facility. This can reach to the demand relating to the security purpose. It can be added that this involvement of the strategy can be utilised to enhance the marketing value of the organisation focusing on the matter of providing security. By this procedure, process of innovation can be effective and constructive which can be used to ensure the organisational benefit.

On the other hand focusing on the affordability of the customers, process of innovation can be implicated such as introducing discount towards the customers. Balancing on the matter of financial resource and investment, management can reduce the quality of the product and can keep the price margin cheap which can be afforded by persons having limited affordability power. 

Application of innovative approach to develop creativity

Creative approach can be marked as the system which can develop the opportunity to increase the consumption of the products of the organisation. It can be added that, process of assessment needs to utilize to determine the application of creativity of the work process. Apart from that the management is also required to focus on the risk assessment of the work process regarding the matter of utilization of creativity (Kahaleh et al. 2015). Risk can be considered in relation to the matter of adapting the products by the customers. It cannot be ensured that creative thought process cannot be marked as effective from the customer’s point of view. For this reason, creativity can be utilised based on the matter of developing the quality of the procedure. Creative implication in the automobile industry, such as focusing on the matter of increasing pick up speed can be specified as the approach through which it can be possible to bring a specific potential in the work process.

On the other hand, regarding the issue of the possibility of failure of the creative business thinking, it can be stated that the management is required to prepare an alternative plan, based on which organization can recover the failure of the plan. It can keep sustainability of the organisation and reducing risk regarding the failure of the organisation. In connection to that it is required to introduce two way communication systems which can increase the possibility of interrelationship between the employees. Creative designing process is required to check before making its implication. For this purpose management can require to introduce a designanation such as program controller who can supervise the organisational process.

Innovation and invention

Innovation and the invention- both approaches can be related to the organisational function through which business development can be executed. It can be added that the invention is the approach where a different types of idea can be involved, whereas the idea of innovation is bounded by the matter of making influence on existing system. In the automobile industry, process of invention can be used to determine the matter of introducing the new approach to the organisational style. In relation to that the financial condition of the organization can effect on the organizational style. It can be added that the thought process relating to the organisational style can develop the matter of implementation of invention in the work process. 

In relation to that organisational work style can be upgraded by the influence of the thought process. Invention process can be developed by the implication of the out of the box thinking procedure to develop the organizational work procedure. 

Application of entrepreneurship

In terms of ensuring the process of innovation, entrepreneurial qualities are required to be assessed and implemented. Entrepreneurship refers to the approach of taking the responsibility of financial investment in terms of determining the financial income. Getting the support from the entrepreneur, it can be possible to make effective use of the innovation approach which can increase the quality of the work process. Entrepreneurship can be specified as a personal skill which can be developed by the application of own perception, academic knowledge and practical application. In connection to that the qualities like patience and negotiation power can be specified as the qualities which can be ideal to pursue innovation process in organisational work process.


From this discussion, I have got idea relating to the application of innovation in the business process. From my perception it can be stated that in order to utilise the innovation approach, it is needed to specify strategic mission and vision. I think that flexible idea can be addressed as the definite feature which can heighten the possibility of using innovation. On the other hand motivational approach can also be implied to increase the efficiency level of the innovation approach. I get knowledge regarding the application of leadership, focus, creativity and the entrepreneurial activity to ensure the process of innovation effectively.


It is concluded that innovation approach can improve condition of an existing business procedure by providing financial support. It can be stated that in terms of using the process of innovation, it is required to incorporate this in the application of leadership, focus and creativity in the internal organisational structure. This study also clarifies the application of innovation and invention to derive the organisational growth which can increase possibility of organisational stability. In order to create an effective strategy making plan, these features can be involved from the Kia motor’s perspective.