Analyze Organizational Behaviour Theories For Human Resource Of Amazon Assessment Answer

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Final Project Presentation (20%)

Team assignment

Please read the guidelines thoroughly else it will cost you grades.

Summary of Individual Findings

Working in a self-selected team of 2-3 students, team will develop a comprehensive Organizational Behaviour analysis for an organization of their choice. With the help of the concepts learned in this course, the students will critically analyze an OB System/ sub-systems utilizing secondary data research (peer-reviewed journals, published case-studies, company websites, google scholar - research articles, videos, newspaper/ magazine articles) to identify problems and recommend constructive improvements.

Remember to not only describe what the organization is doing in each of these areas, but also to analyse how well they are doing in each area, which includes looking at how the competition might be doing. Good analysis considers both the good and the bad when looking at an organization. 

List of recent research topics in Organizational Behaviour: (Team can choose 2-3 topics of their preferred area with 1 topic/ team member)

  • Workplace Emotions, Attitudes, and Motivation  
  • Applied Performance Practices, Work-Related Stress and Stress Management  
  • Team Dynamics and Team Development 
  • Job satisfaction 
  • Organizational Commitment 
  • Conflict and Negotiation  
  • Power and Influence in the Workplace  
  • Leadership in Organizational Settings  
  • Organizational Change 
  • Emotions in organizations 
  • Employee internalization of workplace values 
  • Employee involvement and worker co-operatives 
  • Ethnicity and diversity at the workplace 
  • Identity and self 
  • Implementing downsizing 
  • Institutional change and information systems implementation 
  • Inter-organizational issues in outsourcing relationships 
  • Leadership and identity 
  • Technology-based organizational change 
  • Performance improvements through people 
  • Role of trust and commitment in organizations 
  • Team dynamics and culture 
  • Women in management 
  • Individual, interpersonal and team effectiveness 
  • Gender issues at the workplace  
  • Work-family conflict 
  • Role of emotions 
  • Management of creativity and innovation 
  • Human Resources Development 
  • Quality of work-life 
  • Organizational culture  
  • Cross-cultural issues in management 
  • Organizational dynamics and design  
  • Organizational learning and management of change  
  • Managing organizational transformations and downsizing 
  • Business ethics and institution-building 

Prepare the equivalent of a 15-minute oral presentation. This means completing about 8-10 Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides illustrating your Research Project. Don’t clutter up the slides with too much data. Instead, use the notes section below the slides to simulate the “oral” component of the project. Your presentation should include the following items:

  • Purpose of the research
  • Review of literature (theoretical and conceptual framework) and industry comparisons (comparing the chosen company’s sub-system with a benchmarked organization)
  • Personal critical analysis
  • Key findings and final recommendations – strengths, developmental opportunities, recommendations
  • Conclusion – summary, key findings, implications
  • References

APA format should be followed in the presentation including in-text citations (if you are presenting another author’s ideas in your own language you still have to provide the in-text citation of that author), references in APA, the presentation must demonstrate analysis of the material and its application to the workplace. Title of the company cannot be your presentation title due to copyright reasons.

The submission and presentation date are mentioned in the course schedule in course outline. All submissions will be made on Moodle. All team members are required to make the submissions of the same project (and parts as mentioned below) on their respective portals.

The term-project presentation will be graded from 20% as mentioned below. Each group member will be individually graded on this project.

Team Presentation – 15% (per rubric attached at Appendix- A) Team Charter and Team Evaluations – 2% (posted on Moodle)

Draft Report – 3% (theoretical and conceptual framework, details will be discussed in class) Total = 20%

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Answer :

Slide 1: 

Purpose of this research: 

The main purpose of this research is to analyze the organizational behaviour theories for developing effective Human Resource team within the organization Amazon

Slide 2: 

Literature review: 

Organizations are not built with some machinery or raw materials. It builds with the employees who work for the organization and lead the firm towards the achievement of targets. Organizational behaviour theories help the manager to seek feelings, knowledge, the skill of employees within the organisation. The theories of OB help to develop the Human Resource team to increase the organization's effectiveness. Therefore, effective HR management strategies are required to meet the company's goals and targets. Several internal and well as external factors are present which affects the HR development planning within an organization. 

Influencing factors regarding HR development: 

A high amount of competition level restricts the HR department of an organisation to recruit qualified employees. In this regard, an organisation should take several charges for seeking appropriate candidate towards the organization. Recruiters should recognise the perception of candidates regarding the job post and take some measures to address the negative perception of the candidates. Apart from that, the legislation of a particular country also affects the HR development planning of an organisation. Several acts like accountability act, Non-discrimination Act has to be implemented within an organisation for developing the HR management team crucially. Besides, Internal policies are also Influence HR development planning for the authorities of an organisation. Recruiters should ensure that employees have proper training regarding the job post before assigning him or her with a task. 

Slide 3: 

A theoretical framework for the management team: 

Every manager should judge different people according to their strengths and weaknesses. A particular perception should not be kept by management for developing HR professionals. In regards to this, Attribution theory is very significant. The decision-making function is very critical in developing an excellent HR team. This theory consists of six steps which are, problem defining, identifying the decision criteria, weighting the criteria, generating alternatives, rating to each alternative and computing optimal decision. This theory of OB helps the authorities of an organisation to crucially develop an efficient HR team. 

A theoretical framework for HR management: 

One of the significant theories regarding HR management is Fredrick Herzberg's Motivation Hygiene Theory. This theory is very beneficial for the management team to recognise the motivation level of employees. It also helps to reduce the turnover rate and retain employees. According to this theory, positive factors regarding a job is known motivators and negative factors are known Hygiene factors. 

Some of the examples of Motivators are, achievement, advancement, recognition etc. Some hygiene factors are policies, relationship, job security etc. For developing the HR department crucially, the authorities of an organisation should consider the factors which are stated in this theory. 

Slide 4: 

The HR department at Amazon: 

Over a few days, Amazon changes several practices regarding HR management which demonstrates that the direction is changed for everyone. The significant steps taken by the authorities lead the brand image to a greater extent regarding diversity management. Apart from that the management team significantly take measures regarding the satisfaction of employees. This approach of managers is essential for retaining employees. Moreover, the organization launched a new program which is known as Pivot. This training program is launched by the authorities for ensuring proper skill and knowledge of employees. 


Alibaba group holding limited is the biggest Chinese multinational e-commerce company. Apart from that, this organization also engage in retailing and technology development. Some crucial organizational values of the organization are the priority of the customers and team working. In a global perspective, the organization crucially focus on the proper training of the employees. Exact training is given by the authorities of Alibaba to provide knowledge about geographical diversity, cultural diversity and so on. Team synergy and strategic team management are the main concern of Alibaba. The authorities of the organization implemented IHR policy which helps employees to stay motivated and accepting international challenges. Therefore, it can be told that the HR management framework of the company Alibaba is more versatile than Amazon. 

For developing an excellent HR department, it is essential to implement some strategies to motivate employees and fulfil their needs. Also, the negative factors affect the performance level should be eliminated by the management team. 

Slide 5: 

Personal critical analysis: 


For developing an efficient HR department, it is essential to ensure job satisfaction and motivation level of employees. Apart from that, proper training is another vital factor regarding HR development. Thus, the key strengths of the company Amazon are their values towards employees. Imtitaves taken by the authorities such as Pivot and diversity management is very effective in this regard. Though, according to the benchmarking comparison, the authorities of the company should create integrity among the employees. In a global perspective, Amazon needs to grab global talent from every region across the world. Hence, proper knowledge should be given to the employees regarding diversity and also the organization should provide career growth opportunities to retain talented employees. 

Slide 6: 


One of the major significances of an excellent HR department is that it helps an organisation to portfolio the brand image. The authorities of Amazon can develop superior brand status by developing efficient HR team. Also, the key opportunities for the organization are the development of HR department helps the organization to gain a competitive advantage from the market. HR department directly impacts positively on the business growth of the company so the authorities of Amazon should recognise the significance of excellent HR team and focus on the team development criterion. By acquiring the potential of diverse employees Amazon can expand the business to any region across the globe. It is vital for seeking a diverse workforce as stabilizing the business in the international market. 

Slide 7: 

Key findings and recommendations: 

Key findings: 

According to theories of OB it is recognised that proper maintenance of culture within an organisation is vital for developing superior and efficient HR team. Apart from that, some HR development theories also have to take into account by the authorities of Amazon to ensure employees' motivation and satisfaction level. Besides, proper training and career growth opportunities can also help for developing an excellent HR team which can directly lead the firm towards its business goals. 

Slide 8: 


The authorities of Amazon take several measures for diverse the workforce within the organisation. But the authorities should ensure the training of employees by the side of diversification. The authorities of the company should also engage multi-talented workers in a massive number for sustaining business growth. Amazon's authorities should also create integrity among the employees to provide a feeling of belongingness.

Slide 9: 


The management team should concern about the motivation and job satisfaction level of employees before implementing such strategies as mentioned above in this section. One of the significant factors is to monitor the progress level of employees regarding the development of the HR team. Alongside, the authorities of Amazon should emphasize on the areas which are vital for anticipating future challenges. Lastly, the authorities of the reputed organization should deliver feedback to its employees regarding their progression. 

Slide 10: 


 This report is about the key factors which are essential for developing the HR department within the organisation. Also, this report enlisted the significant theories which are relevant to the HR development. Moreover, some recommendations and implications are provided which should be taken into account by the authorities of the organization.