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Conduct a detailed analysis of the movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and answer the associated questions related with the culture and society of India.

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In the movie Slumdog Millionaire, portraying the life from the point of view an orphan slumdog. Living in India, the second largest nation in terms of population. The movie tries to describe the struggle in the subculture in different places of India. Slumdog Millionaire explains the class conflict within underprivileged, lower-class an upper -class citizens with wealth.

Through the story of the protagonist (Jamal), we get to see both sides of the culture. With the title of Slumdog Jamal represents the side of the poor and underprivileged society of the peoples. Though later by going against all the odds Jamal finds his way to live and grow accordingly. The movie tries to portray that even in the most harsh and uncomfortable circumstances, on can always hope to dream big and achieve what he is dreaming for with his hard work and patience.

Ans 2

After watching the movie "Slumdog Millionaire," I saw the connection that they tried to make a modern retelling of Hindu and Muslim dispute in India. During the start of the film, Jamal lost his mother as she was stuck in between Hindu mob's wh were attacking Muslim in the slum of Mumbai and yelling 'They are Muslims, get them.' This part where Hindu's attacking Muslims portrayed the cross-culture event caused by the religious subgroup. Both the Hindus and Muslims acted furiously and this started a new dispute between the both cultural groups. As a result Jamal lost his mother and just like him many others become orphan. 

Ans 3

The movie 'Slumdog Millionaire' was able to put both the aspects of surface culture and deep culture to give the viewer's a better understanding of the society. For example, the part where the Host of the show tries to make Jamal lose the show showed our surface culture. As in our society, according to the norms of our society, a slumdog cannot become a millionaire in just one night and that too when many others who are more educated than him can't be able to win the race. The part in which the Prem (host of the show say "ek chaiwala millionaire nahi ban sakta" represents the surface culture of our society.

Now if look from the perspective of Jamal, the way he answered all the question represents the deep culture that was portrayed in the movie. For example during the 5th question when he is asked: "On an American 100 dollar bill, there is a portray of which American statesman?" He gave the correct answer as during his childhood life when he was doing child labor his blind friend tells him that the person with a girl like hair on an American bill is Benjamin Franklin.

Ans 4

While watching the movie "Slumdog Millionaire" the game who want to be a millionaire suddenly gets tough for Jamal. An orphan who belongs to the slum and knows as the street rat in the society makes it hard for him to even get to the show. Moreover, Jamal has never been to school, he never read or writes, but because of the past events of his life and the situation in his life made him to know all the answers. After seeing this, the host of the show firmly believed Jamal to be cheating - as, in his mind, there is no way he could know all the correct answers (including the one that the host himself writes incorrectly on the mirror in the bathroom).

Ans 5

After watching the movie that is portraying the subculture conflicts of a nation seems to be very realistic. Portraying life from minors perspectives amazing, to know the struggles of people who are living in poverty. Other than that the movie taught some really good lessons about life.

Experience is the best teacher: Experience is the best knowledge that you can learn. Jamal's life was very tough and throughout his life he gets a different experience. With his experience, he wins the show and becomes the millionaire. 

Stay honest: The part in which Jamal was arrested and accused of cheating in the game. But by staying honest, he gets free.