Analyzing Therapeutic Communication And The Professional Boundaries

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Question :

ASSESSMENT : Video stimulus

Task: Students will watch a short video which shows an interaction between a student RN and patient and will:

  1. Identify FOUR (4) errors with regards to therapeutic communication and/or professional boundaries and discuss the significance of the error.
  2. For each error identify and discuss the correct actions the student RN should have taken.


There are 2 elements here 

  1. Identify the error
  2. Significance – why do we care? Why does it matter?
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Answer :

1. Identification of the four errors with regards to therapeutic communication and the professional boundaries with the significance 

Considering the situation of the patient it is important that the specification of the medication and any therapy related structure need to access with the proper analysis of the entire situation. The improvement of the patient situation is an essential structure that needs to consider in order stating the future effective therapy related basis and serve her a good service so she can cope up this situation. The therapeutic act is thus need to face the standard service processing for the entire thing that can support Sandra Smith a 33 years old patient who is suffering from PV bleeding. The support from the pain management and the proper hospital care can serve the effective processing and the service structure so that the entire thing can able to prosper and within the small amount of time the patient can able to heal the illness. The therapeutic communication structure needs to pose for the better resources and the physician skills to solve the entire problem within specific time. The four therapeutic communication related professional boundaries incorporate-

  • Not able to optimize the proper clinical interview in order to connect properly with the bio-psycho-social model. The problem generates from not having the appropriate monitoring parameters that adhered to the quality support along with the quality tools that are not improved. 
  • The valuable future approaches may not be present with the effective basis of the entire quality care service deliverance and standard the overall thing with the best supportive action. In many of the hospitals and nursing care the process may not be present with the suitable assessment of the support system along with their appropriate diagnosis technique (Boyle and Bush, 2018). During the deterioration of the patients’ situation it is become quite difficult to communicate the entire situation and then access for the further chronic conditions.
  • The different facilitation of the explanation regarding the patient’s condition and the diagnosis related accuracy may not be present in the whole procedure and this thing can generate different problem. Not able to offer the perfect reliable and processed tool in order to detect the emotional states of the patient with the orientation for the adequate therapeutic measures. Many of a times the psychological comfort is not getting catered to the patient in a perfect way and the meaningful along with the accurate service delivery not possible for the entire thing (Roush et al. 2015). The proportional ability is become quite difficult to handle as the entire criteria can require the other information based assessment relating to the patient’s current condition. 
  • Not able to offer the chance of the identification structure for the patient’s need and the inefficiency to take the proper medical decision regarding the current condition of the patient as the different emotional state of the patient need the proper adjustment with the entire quality and situation based service provision (Bushby et al. 2015). The perceived structure along with the not having a particular communication ability can create different issues for the physician along with the patient itself because they do not be able to serve the proper medication possibilities to the patient (Bushby et al. 2015)

2. The corrective actions that the student of RN needs to take for the better services 

The RN needs to communicate with the patient in an appropriate manner and from the entire assessment it is quite important to state the entire thing in a proper manner. The effective market related basis and the better perceived quality for the support services need to present in a proper manner. The corrective action that need to take with the best ability or the better quality service providence will further incorporate the efficiency of the therapeutic regimen and the understanding of the entire processing in a particular manner. The conceptualized basis and their engagement needs to proper for the effective market related application and the effective criteria for the entire possibility regarding the situation based analysis and provide the medication as per the entire thing (Drum and Littleton, 2014). The circumstances related empathy and the projected assessment will cater the deliberate projection for the better skills and the structured work process variations in a particular way. the different essential focus to the ‘holistic care’ process and structure the valued evaluation process for the treatment basis can act for the further consideration and better engagement with the patient in a perfect way.

 The dedicated and continuous medication support and the proficiency of the communication rituals emotionally attach for the further perception and influence for handling the other situations. Focusing to the psychological status the patient needs to get the moral support from the doctors. The medical performance along with the consequences needs to focus in a suitable manner so that the medical assistance for the patient can able to structure the entire thing in a better manner (Roush et al. 2015). The willing, motivated and finding the benefit from the overall processes need to collaborate for the positive transfer and the process of mutual therapeutic thrust. In any of the rigid scenario the ease of the service section along with the received prescription for providing the better support to the patient need to present in a particular manner. Some of the improved possibilities and their further statement need to project with the supportive scenario for handling the effective basis in a suitable manner (Karpetis, 2015). The medication related perfection and the supply of the proper treatment based implications need to cater with the suitable basis for the sole obligatory for the entire thing. The socio-culture approaches and the different variations of the other market purposes present with the key projection for shaping the attitude of the patient and try to heal the condition in a better manner. The medical institution along with the programmatic variation for the other psychological assistance caters the best perfection for the further collaboration related to the medication support. The service perfection along with the consideration of the patient’s situation can generate the better engagement for the easy and quality service providence.