Animal Health Plan And KPIs: Seasonal Feed Management Plans, Targets And Risks Assessment Answer

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Feeding summary

             In the firm we manage the Pasteur feeding management for the animals. In this firm, the balanced ration is maintained for Pasteur. The calf nutrition properties are also effectively maintained by the firm (Potes, Laranjo, & Elias, 2018). The animals are provided on the scheduled way for the firm. The compound cattle feeds are also managed in this regard. The storage of the fodder for the animals is done by using silage, hay and enrichment of the dry fodder management by the firm. As suggested by  Ribeiro,  Mourato, & Almeida (2019), in this firm the feeding of the calves colostrums are managed. The protein content for the colostrums is maintained as 3 to 5 times like the normal milk. On the other hand, excess colostrums are feed for the other calves. In case of the cubs, the whole milk is feed to the cubs. Skim milk is also provided for the animals. Some calf starters are provided to the animals.
               Moreover, determination of the longer term goal is required by the firm for managing the approach with future aspects. On the other hand, the firm system has to manage with a simple manner. As mentioned by  Saito, Yano,  Hirasawa & Takahashi (2015), the Pasteur management has to give a greater priority by the firm. Maintaining the soil will be managed by the firm regarding more fertility for growing the improved quality food for the animals. Growing a variety of crops for feeding approach of variety food will be planned by the firm to introduce the animals with a variety of nutrition. Making huge profit with lower investment plan will be conducted by the firm with more efficacies. Moreover, the improved allocation of the budget will be done by the firm for achieving improved aspects of the planning implementation ( Tremetsberger & Winckler, 2015)

Seasonal feed management plan

Early spring Peak growthSummerAutumnWinter
Plan for each period

Tools neededEffective monitoring the food management has to done by the firm. Continuation of the monitoring process for the storage of fodder as well as managed colostrums is also required for the firm.Reporting for the monitoring approach is also useful for the firm in this regard. Moreover, reporting has to continue throughout the entire months for all the monitoring approach (Woodfield & Judson, 2018)The monitoring process has to continue for the firm. The comparing of the new process has to done with the previous aspects. On the other hand, this is also required by the firm to analysis of the effectiveness of the current approach than the previous approach. 
Target setMaking effective understanding for the Pasteur cover. This includes a better planning for the total budget for the plan. On the other hand, Continuing the process for setting the target in this regard. This time for the firm will cover the APC for the balanced date. Target for implementing the process throughout the Autumn. The target will be developed with time, date and the action plan for the firm.Implementing the Pasteur cover process in the animal firm. 
Issues and risk to planSome health related issues may be arisen for the animals.In this time some problems of the food may be faced by the firm. A numbers of health issues may be occurs in the animal health such as the nitrate contamination and so on. Decreased growth maybe faced by the firm for its animals. In this time the health related issues may be find out for the animals because of excessive cold weather.
ConsiderationsThe important factors can be finding out in this season for the firm for an improved approach of the feed management plan. The time and the actions can be set out by the firm in order to effectively implement the process with more efficacies. The contingency plans may be conducted for the approach. This is also useful for implementing the approach with more efficacies in the animal health approach. The determination of the cost can be conducted in this time for the plan. In this season, the plan for the increased beneficial approach can be achieved by the firm with more efficacies.