Annotated Bibliography On Building Organisational Resilience Assessment Answer

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Question :

Annotated bibliography (assessment 3) (50%) (this is a final exam assignment and must be submitted on time. The assessment date cannot be extended). 

The topic of the annotated bibliography is: 

“Building organisational resilience: its sources, methods of developing it and its impacts on organisations during challenging times”.

To complete an annotated bibliography for this assessment you will need to identify and fully read 5 academic journal articles about “organisational resilience”

References: you will need to use an exact number of references for this assessment because it is an annotated bibliography. The number of references is 5. Harvard referencing style.

This 3,500-word report. Reports not within +/- 10% of 3500 words will be penalised not including cover sheet or reference list.

You might consider the following approach to your annotated bibliography

Statement of the problem 

Background to the paper being annotated 

Scope of the paper 

Problem the paper is presenting 

The papers main argument 

The intended audience for the paper

 Research methods used by the paper

 Conclusions made by the paper

 Reliability of the paper 

Relevance of the paper to the practice of organisational behaviour

 Strengths and limitations of the paper 

Your view of the paper

You will need to complete the points above for every one of the 5 academic journal articles you selected.

The language used in the assessment needs to be academic and must draw on the terms learned in the unit. The expression of an opinion in the first person (“I”) is not allowed and the work needs to not have a similarity rate of more than 15%.

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