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What is Anthropology?

The science of human study is Anthropology. It focuses on the study of human beings and their civilisations and cultural development at different points of time. The aim of Anthropologist is to understand the way by which ancient human beings interacted with each other. The cultures of past and present are also analysed to bring forth a comparative analysis between the same. Discovery of extinct human ancestry is an example of how the subject contributed to making us understand our past and how exactly we evolved as modern humans. The field merges with many other subjects like geology, physics, zoology, music and many others to draw the manner by which modern men evolved from the times of early men. 

Categories of Anthropology

As discussed above, the subject merges with a number of subjects and hence a number of categories or subfields of Anthropology has developed and the same is discussed below:

a.Sociocultural Anthropology: The merges the social and cultural evolution of men. So, it mainly focuses to identify the identical characteristics and distinctive features of human populations. The rules that made us modern men is studied by this subfield like beliefs of men of the different population and their effect on the development of science, art, and religion in that part.

b.Linguistic Anthropology: This is a study of language being spoken in different part of the world and how the same has influenced social life. It studies the development and extinction of languages and how they have influenced civilisations at the different point of human history.

c.Archaeology: The study of human activities at different points of human history. 

d.Biological Anthropology: The study of the biological and behavioural evolvement of a human being is Biological Anthropology. The field contributes to offering a biological point of view to human beings and their study. This delves deep into the study of primates and extinct human species.

Why is Anthropology chosen as a Career?

Students arrive at their preferred choice of higher education based on the promise it holds for growth in their future. Anthropology as a field is extremely challenging but is lucrative. The subject has a number of subfields as discussed above. Out of many fields in Anthropology, Archaeology is a field that commands huge demand and respect. Let us understand the various career options one can opt for in Anthropology domain.

a.    Academic career: Reputed schools and colleges have Anthropology departments and students may choose a career as a professor or researcher. The students may also opt to write books on their research in the subject and that also holds tremendous value to the growth of their academic career.

b.Corporate Careers: Anthropologists are appointed by corporate houses to get a perspective and understanding of the market they want to target. The subject focus on the cultural development of different parts of the human population and could clearly elaborate which products are acceptable to a particular population and what changes in the product offering will bring about a change in the fortunes of the business. The Anthropologists work mainly with the market research team.

c.Government Career: Museums all over the world have the most common department which mainly showcases the findings of a field of Anthropology. It is none other than Archaeology. It brings tremendous interest to present human to know about their evolution from the Stone Age. Anthropologists have a career option in the field of government jobs as well.

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