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Part A: Individual Reflective Learning (15%) This should be no more than 500 words. Choose a specific incident from your life where you have used the four primary management functions of Planning, Organising, Leadership and Controlling. Analyse the incident and describe the main areas where you used each of these 4 management functions. Reflect on how effective your management of this task/incident was and which areas you would change if you had the opportunity to manage the same thing again and why.

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Reflective writing is an analytical practice in which the writer provides a detailed evaluation of an event while reflecting on the meaning and impact on the occasion (Shum, Sándor, Goldsmith, Bass, & McWilliams, 2017). This present reflective piece would reflect upon my personal experience of an incident that included the application of the four management function namely planning, organizing, leading and controlling.   

Reflection on the specific incident: 

A project was assigned to our class that was required to be completed by group of four people. We have joined the course newly and have limited focus on our studies. We completed the project somehow and submitted the same. However, the work was of low quality and the teacher scolded. The teacher told us to redo the assignment but the time limit was less. Herein, we decided to apply the four management practices to make sure that the work is completed on time. 

The first stage was planning in which we evaluated the assignment and jotted out ways and strategies. Kerzner & Kerzner (2017) commented that planning deals with undertaking decisions for what to do and at which time. Planning include considering the goals. A brain storming session was organized in which each member gave their ideas that helped in the process of planning. We also developed a timeline for the work so that all the work can be completed within the timeline. 

The second stage was organizing that deals with the arranging and distribution of the resources. At this stage, we also decided our personal roles and responsibilities. After chalking out the plan, I organized the roles of every member. We followed Belbin’s Team Role Model to group human resources into workable units (Meslec & Cur┼čeu, 2015). We segregated out role for researching, preparing the presentation, selecting the designs and pictures and proofreading. This helped to quicken up the process of work and we were able to meet the deadline. 

The third stage was leading in which the group leader influenced other to attain the objective. I assumed the role of the group leader. I developed the group objectives which revolved around meeting the deadline and ensuring that we get good grades in the examination. I motivated the other members of the group to remain focused on their work and ensure that all the responsibilities assigned to them are completed within the given time. 

The fourth stage included controlling. Schraeder, Self, Jordan & Portis (2014) commented that controlling is an important management function that ensures the regulation of the organizational activities for fulfilling the objectives. We set standards for the research result and completed work. We ensured that there are enough journals and books to support the presentation as this would increase the authenticity and standard of the project. We also created a checklist which was reviewed at the end to ensure that the project is up to the mark and is able to fetch us good marks.   


The present essay provided an overview of the four functions of management and their application in my real life. Effective management skills are required for gaining competitive advantage and attaining the desired objectives. I was able to complete the group project and gain good marks due to the application of the four practices of management.