Application Of Theories Of Leadership And Change Management: A.S. Watson Group

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1. Two theories of leadership style and behavior adopted by the top management team in A.S Watson Group.
      Evaluation of two theories adopted by the top management team of the A.S Watson Group in attaining  their accomplishments based on their managerial techniques.
2. Two activities or issues conducted or raised in order to smooth the change.
3. Analysis and evaluation of the implications of the two activities that helped A.S Watson Group a good retailer.

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The process of change management and leadership structure initiate for the different development and growth structure that cater the successful orientation for the entire organization. Some of the effective priorities of the organization tend to shift towards the different development structure and their programmatic structure in a proper way. The several goals and their assessment need to generate from the process of the change management structure that can access the suitable base for the entire thing. In this assignment, the entire emphasis will be on the company A.S Watson Group and their different management structure so that each of the processes can able to able to create the standard market policy and further progression. Furthermore, the organization will focus on the different symmetric and evaluation structure so that the managers can able to cater the best-initiated work version and the proper culture. 

Change management and leadership

The change management along with the leadership processes cater the best-processed implications so that the responsibility of the organization towards the employees and the organizational own growth can able to maintain in a particular manner. The successful culture change initiative and their programmed manner get focused by the different projections of the change management structure and leadership development (Van der Voet, 2014). The different organization is thus focusing towards the integrated change management practices and the leadership practices so that the entire criteria can able to focus towards the best-implied market structure. The development criteria and the applied projection for the market engagement and the processed criteria prefer to generate the success factor of the organization. The learning criteria along with the different operational procedures cater the responsive structure that can incorporate the different changes with the formative base for the later development base. Several cultural anticipations along with the stated base for the further work based applications can project the proper leadership and management criteria in a particular manner.

Background of the case 

The background of the case generates from the company status and their different information related to the market and their ongoing business processes with the supportive structure of the management and the leadership base in an effective way. A.S Watson Group is the dispensary company that sells different brand products and services that is getting provided to the customers. The retail sells and the programmed factor for the different products and the implied criteria state the different market criteria in a programmed manner. The company has them on the market for the excellent customer service that creates the best-versioned market essentiality in a proper way. The branding strategy of the company has generated the best-progressed initiation so that the market specification along with the new country brand value get enhanced in a particular manner. With the new business progression and the different customers’ choice access for the later integration of things that can pose for creating the marketing base for the developing countries (Kuiperset al. 2014). In the Asian country, the A.S Watson Group is quite successful within the customers and it helps their international base of marketing along with the assisted criteria for the demanded deadline and the acquisition strategy. The market niches along with the proper identification of the market create the focused orientation that can access the different other managerial capabilities and hold the entire company within the market. The company has generated their programmed strategy for the market so that they can able to reach out to the expectation of the customers from the different middle-class households. The imitate business model from the market has further generated different challenges as they need to create the formative criteria for the success and the development status (OVERBEKEand LOZANO, 2017). The competency criteria are the best success orientation for the market that can generate the productivity level of the organization. The individual market preferences and their assistance cater the formative accessibility so that the products and the services can properly fulfill the need of the marketers. The bargaining power over the suppliers with the particular planning, cost cutting, and the efficient distribution preferences create the efficient base for the other things. The structured unique shopping experience that is getting provided to the customers helps the company to create their competitive advantages over the market. With the better management base along with the employee, training base caters the progressed criteria for the entire thing. The creative implementation of the different strategic application state the competency factor for the entire thing. 


The objective that evolves out from the entire criteria put emphasis to the management along with the leadership structure that process with the efficient base of the organizational development to the reference of A.S Watson Group. However, the different criteria that pose for the applied structure and further evaluate the strategic base bring success for the company over the market and help to sustain it within the market. The assessment will focus on the W.S Watson Groups' preferences incorporating the change management structure and the implied base for the sustainable development preferences for the entire thing. 

Analysis and evaluation 

The entire analysis and the evaluation procedure cater the formed basis for the customer orientation that can access the further suitability of the different market-related specification in a proper manner. The innovative and creative implementation of the different market prospect that can generate the factored basis for the organizational growth incorporates the strategic implementation of the different base in the market. The change management structure actually helps the company to take the different information regarding the entire market and focusing on the customers related to their preferences. The different importance and need for the market suggestion along with the implied culture create the programmed status for the organizational development and further focus to the market expansion (Halkiaset al. 2017). Some of the major reasons that the organizations are focusing towards the change management possibility are the expansion basis and the productivity purposes in a suitable manner. Change things happen with the be4st structure for the leadershippreferences so that the organization can able to face the perfect pro9gression within the market. As the cultural changes are happening with the rapid initiation so it is quite programmed that the organization can able to prosper with the best projection of things by the help of the change management progress (Johnstonand Marshall, 2016). The leadership structure and the progressed manner within the leadership preferences with the responsibility and the different authorities. All the levels of the managers need to apply the progressive base for the different norms and the levels and then create the symmetric evaluation for the later growth and progressed structure in a particular manner The change management style of the organization generates the formed basis so that it can prosper for the sustainable criteria for the implied statement and the focused purposes in a particular way (Cameron and Green, 2015). In order to meet the demand and need criteria of the customers, the organization needs to be clear about the cultural belief and the applied projection of marketing so that the structured base can able to generate the formed suitability within the market. Any of the complex tasks need to efficiently perform by the employees and A.S Watson Group has catered the efficient basis within the market so that the essentiality can able to generate further for the expansion basis. 

1. Two theories of leadership style and behavior adopted by the top management team in A.S Watson Group

The Watson Group need to adapt to strategic operations and management procedure in enlarging its domain in the existing and global market.  The Group attempts to expand local pharmacy and the Beauty group into the Global market that acts as a challenge for the management team. It is the responsibility of the team and its leaders in forging strong outlook and regularly assesses external and internal details and processing. It is important to train the employees towards performing better and give a global outlook on the company. The most important part in expanding the business domain in the Global platform, it is essential for employees in forming better strategies, integrate competency and assess one's skills and experience (Rich, 2016). Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the managers and leaders of Human Resource Management to influence the employees and improvise their thoughts towards a strategic direction.  Various theories of leadership style help in gaining and understanding the role and responsibility of the leader and how their behavior and attitude influence the employees in an organization. Theories of Great Man, Transformational leadership Theory, Contingency Transactional leadership behavior style of leadership determines their role and duty, their behavior and attitude towards, nature and characteristics. An effective leader help in motivating employees in the company and help them establish the expansion of market structure (Lozanoet al. 2016). The transformation in leadership was introduced in the year 1970 that focuses on the various responsibilities of a leader and how his values, idea, choice and survivability competition, cooperation, tailors the mind of the employees. Transformational leadership Theory help in bringing harmony between the leader and the employee and create a chain structure where progression is held and manipulated by both the leader and the employee collaboratively. It gives an organized way of performing the task by tying up leaders and employees and creating a transparency between them so that when there is a conflict or an occurrence of risk it can be mutually solved.

Evaluation of two theories adopted by thetop management team of the A.S Watson Group in attaining their accomplishments based on their managerial techniques

In order to attain the top management preferences, the Watson Group has generated the better strategic implementation plan so that the central element of the organization and the emerging base of the marketing criteria can able to maintain. The proper managerial techniques need to have the programmed base that can focus towards the employee training purposes and the competitive value enhancement within the market so that the company can able to win over the customers by keeping aside the other market competitors. For the retail sales, the innovative and creative management preferences are the necessary base so that the organization can able to prosper within the market. Focusing on the emerging market the organization has generated the suitable structure as per the different development criteria and the initiative state related better with the growth prospect. The selling of the brand's products and have the clear understanding about the entire prospect need to form with the leadership orientation that can develop the symmetric process for the further consideration of the managed implication for the profitability purposes (Lozanoet al. 2015). The management techniques and the employee empowerment processes perfectly create the implied state for the different situational analysis and the projected implications in order to examine the different market criteria. The major source of the competitive advantages and the inclusion of corporate culture prefer the sustained base for the employee retention, motivation, better planning evaluation, and further focus on the efficiency and illustrated work version. Engaging the practice norms and the planning prospect the employees will pose for the decision-oriented success factors and the accessed progression for the entire base in a suitable base (Renz et al. 2016). The learning processes of the employees and the initiated criteria create the innovation capabilities for incorporating different innovation factors and highlighting the success processes. 

2. Two activities or issues conducted or raised in order to smooth the change

In order to get the best-smoothed change structure, it is essential that the organization is well aware of the market condition and then focus on the customers' need. While talking the data and information of the market it is necessary to act as per the sustainability criteria of the organization. For mobilizing the different market factors and generating the best suitable association the market prospect cater the perfect base for the strategic implementation purposes. Watson Company has incorporated two perfect strategies in order to generate the market efficiency within the market. The one important process is a competitive advantage and another one is the employee training models and caters them suitable knowledgefacilitate training about the market and the customers. The competitive advantages create the formative base for the entire focused application for the market. The employees when getting the proper information about the market and the exact presence of the company then they can be aware of the customers' need in a proper manner (van Rossumet al. 2016). The brand accountability along with the progressive criteria for the change system and their initialization focus to the several bases that can correlate with the expansion criteria of the organization. Planning, providing different information to the employees regarding the products and the services, finally imply the best strategy to the organization so that it can cater the employees with perfect knowledge and progress with the evaluative structure in a focused manner. The training and development purposes of the employees in different levels cater the suitable structure for the better guidance to the management in order to proceed for the success factors. In order to build the better customer experience, it is a need of the organization that they can able to understand the importance of the employees training and development criteria within the organization. The management purposes and the suitability of the empowered projection and their market criteria face the different challenging structure so that the values of leadership and further work based orientation can able to maintain. Investigating the different change prospect the employees need to know that what is necessary for the organization in order to create the success pathway along with the experiential team building activities so that the sustainable organizational change can able to continue.

Analysis and evaluation of the implications of the two activities that helped A.S Watson Group a good retailer

As a good retainer, the Watson Group has initiated for the competitive advantages and the effective leadership process with the change management culture that has generated the factored base for the developed criteria and the programmed base for the entire thing. The competitive advantages of the market for the different growth and development criteria focus on the better background so that the different market base can able to generate the suitable match for the entire basis. The company has created the better products and services for the customers and they provide proper training to the employees so that they can able to handle the customers in a perfect manner. The different strategic factors along with the programmed work variations find the best desirable method for the organization in order to maintain their position within the market. The product different strategy is the first and foremost criteria that the company has generated so that they can able to prove them di9ffernt and unique seller within the market. The cost leadership technique is another process that can forecast the strategic implication. The innovative strategy is the effective base that can create the market-based suitability with the increasing visibility of the market and further formed and evaluated the proper competitive edge in the market. The operational effectiveness strategy includes the analysis of the business and access the implied base with the continued progression regarding the system creation and the leadership base in an efficient way. The different issues generates from the adaptability of the competitive state along with the stable work-related criteria includes the predictable statement for the organization with the distinct advantages. The leadership style maintenance with the culture based management style for the different Asian countries and other places need to have the standard preferences in order to seek the profitability and productivity preference. The employees will bet to know about the organizational requirements and focus on that base they will offer the customers. The successful company focuses on the technological advancements, proper data processing and the strategic structure for the formative orientation for the entire thing.


From the entire assignment, it is quite clear that A.S Watson Group has generated the proper management support system from the market along with the better planning, implementation and the applied projection for the entire scenario that can access for the growth and development perspective. The company has formed the effective leadership purposes that can generate the better experience for the employees and the leaders can provide support to the management group for the business expansion criteria. Planning for the business perfectives and creating the well-mannered structure for the coaching and monitoring perspective for the employees focus on the ongoing work purposes. The business essential will further generate the comprehensive structure for achieving the best values within the market to face the global challenges.