Are "new Wars" Really New?

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Are "new wars" really new?

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The condition of developed countries in the post-world-war era was apparently stable. However, deep investigation suggests that the tension between Russia and the USA affected the economy in the post world war era. The condition is famously known as the Cold war and although the cold war happened between USA and Russia, the entire World was affected by the war between these countries. Even in the modern world the tension among Russia, Europe, and the USA remain. The research sheds light on the analysis of pre-context of new wars that can be traced back to the cold war era.

 The first type of new war can be termed as “indirect” in nature. This indirect kind of war revolves around poverty and prosperity, globalization and inequality in terms of military strength. Renowned researchers in this field have argued that globalization is a double-edged sword as in one hand it contributes to the development of the global economy; however, on the other hand, it creates a sharp division between poor community and rich community. This effect can be traced back to the post world era at the beginning of the cold war. The depressed tension between USA and Russia has provided collateral damage to the people of both the countries, especially immigrated people in both of the countries. Globalization has allowed multinational companies of USA to perform the business operation in Russia; however, checking took place on a daily basis in that era. Although, the military tension between USSR and USA is reduced the political tension remains intact and this has contributed to the economic war between countries. Most recently, a trade war has been started between the USA and China regarding tax on imported and exported goods. The trade war between China and USA is synonymous to the cold war between that of the cold war. The trade war is nothing new; even it can be traced back to the world-war era where war has been started among countries regarding colonial movement. The main motive behind the colonial era is to perform business in overseas countries and take control of the earthly property of the countries. The incident is similar to the British Colonial movement in India often referred as the British Raj. Thus, the origin of trade war is more than 50 years older and therefore it can be inferred that new wars are not new, but the continuous flow of incident from the world war era.

Cultural violence due to a steep difference between rich and poor also create an environment of war. This type of war is termed as the civil war in the time of President Abraham Lincoln. The war almost splits the USA in the northern part and the southern part until it ends. On investigation, it has been found that the civil war occurred due to slavery in the southern part of the USA. In those times, white men used to torture black men (terminology: nigger) and all of the properties of the aboriginal people of America was taken. A major economic gap was thus created between two parts of societies in America. People, in that time, used to say “United States of America are” instead of United States of America is” indicating the condition of the civil war and structural violence. A steep difference in property between rich and poor people can create structural unemployment, which reduces the total economic growth and HDI (Human Development Index) of a country.   

The 2008 economic breakdown has severely affected the European Union and the USA and a context of economic war is created among European countries. The influence of this economic downturn can be seen in the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. The ministry of the UK has argued that remaining in the European Union requires a considerable amount of money, which makes the economic condition of the UK worse. Regarding this decision, votes of citizens of the UK has been taken once. The situation has created chaos as most of the vote has gone against the decision of the parliament. The voting has been taken recently for the second time and a queue of citizens can be observed in the roads of London raising voice against the decision of parliament. The movement of the citizens against the parliament has created a context of the civil war in the UK. The reason for this context, however, is purely economic as people working in multinational companies in neighborhood countries cannot reside in the countries without valid documents. Previously, as part of the European Union, one organization can perform the business operation in France, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium based on London, however, the business tax has to be paid as per the rate of the European Union only. After separation, organizations gave to give two separate taxes-one part of tax has to go with the rules and regulations of the European Union whereas the other part has to be given as per the rules and regulations as per the norms set by the UK Government after separation from the European Union. Multinational companies then may shift their headquarters from London to any other neighborhood countries reducing the employment index in the UK. People of the UK predicting this has started to protest against this parliamentary decision. Whenever citizens of a country go against the governmental decision civil war happens. The latest examples of which is the Syrian civil war,  Egyptian civil war and the civil war in Turkey, where people have gone against the decision of respective governments, regarding employment, corruption and other socio-political factors. 

The movement against Government can be traced back to the ancient history where tyrannical kings were evicted from the crown by the common people of respective kingdoms. Similar examples can be found in modern history especially the Nazi era where Hitler's own military officers plotted his assassination although it failed. Thus, it can be inferred that the movement leading to civil war is not new but happened in every era starting from ancient history.

Sometimes, foreign countries help in a civil war of neighbor countries owing to the self-interest of the foreign countries. This trend can be observed in the Hitler era, where axial powers attacked and evicted Hitler from Germany’s crown. The Jewish people might have sought this solution to stop Hitler any means necessary because of the torture. Most of the talented Jewish, born and brought up in Germany immigrated to the USA, due to the danger of being Jewish. Another example of this foreign initiated civil war is Israel initiated chaos in the Gaza border and Syria. The tension between Israel and Syria is high from the inception of Israel in many contexts such as water and natural resources, military strength, and forceful Islamic influence over Jewish people. Again, this kind of war is not new as its origin can be traced back to the Nazi era.

Powerful countries always want to impose their terms and conditions on weak countries. The war can be then initiated by two countries of equal strength try to take control of the same prosperous weak countries. The example of this type of collision is the Russian Invention in the Afghanistan and USA’s interception of the same. The war happened due to the abundance of minerals in Afghanistan's soil. Both of the countries tried to surpass each other by strength, tactics, and espionage. In a similar fashion when the USA and other allied force deploy military forces to stop Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s aggressive movement against the common people of Syria, Russia deployed their force also and sold their Anti Aircraft Missile system to the Syrian Government. This indicates the political instability between the two most powerful countries of the World Russia and USA. The human desire to control the rest of the World and the desire to launch own terms and conditions always start a war. The reason behind starting war therefore is not new; rather its origin is as old as the age of civilized kingdom is found in history.    

Due to rules and regulations of NATO, UNO and similar bodies, countries cannot go into direct war, rather initiate economic war to weaken its competitors. The initiative to weaken competitor countries is not new; rather its origin can be traced back to the colonial era, where powerful countries try to weaken its economic competitors by taking control of foreign soil as far as practicable. If the reason behind Pearl Harbor invention is investigated, it can be found that Japan’s inability to found a suitable colony conferred them to participate in World War II .

Recently the USA has taken of its name from the peace summit of Paris where several countries have participated. The reason behind this is the downturn economic condition of the USA for which they cannot obey terms and conditions proposed in the summit. The seriousness of the economic condition of the USA can be justified by the shutdown of the government offices in the USA. The government employees in USA have to spend months without salary. This condition can give rise to the civil war due to economic differences between rich and poor