Argumentative Essay: Assignment 1 Answer

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Question :

Assessment 1 Outline

Assessment title: Assignment 1 

Assessment weighting: 20% 

Assessment type: Argumentative Essay 

Word limit: 1500 Equivalent

Assessment instruction

Develop an argumentative essay on a selected topic, choosing one (1) of the topics outlined below: 

Topic 1 

• Critically analyse the application of the Porters Five Forces Model in the Hospitality Industry. 

Topic 2 

• Critically analyse the application of Porters Value Chain analysis in the Hospitality Industry. 

Topic 3 

• Critically analyse and evaluate the sources of competitive advantage in the Hospitality Industry.

Assessment format

This is an individual assignment using an Argumentative Essay style format. • Introduction to include background information on the topic, statement of your position on the topic (thesis), overview of arguments to be presented. • Body to include argument 1 – evidence/explanation for argument 1, conclusion argument 1 and link to next argument 2 - evidence/explanation for argument 2, conclusion argument 2 and follow this structure for as many arguments as you wish to put forward. • Conclusion to include the summary of the main points of the body and restatement of your position (thesis)

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