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Present a short analysis of the given 2 articles based on health care and faith.

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In the Chapter-1 working at rest, author divulges that if a person take proper rest then it does not only strengthen the overall outcomes but also help in increasing the overall productivity of the work. This reflects that person is more inclined to deliver better outcomes in his work. I agree with the given author details of will of god for the people to look for a rest in his life. The main reason behind that the fear by situating it within a story as Israelites were seeking rest in Promised Land. Therefore, we people of god must look forward to a rest in our life. The main thing which I disagree in that is application on all human being. The main reason is people are not all equal and should not be treated equally. 


In the article of design of work it is given that god design the work accordingly for the human and rested on the seventh day. In this article, author has suggested that god created two beautiful thing i.e. earth and god.  I agree with the given author details of will of god for creation of the earth and heaven. He also divulged that biblical scholar summed all these and shown the true beauty of the design of work. The main reason behind the agreement of the author’s view is that it shows the beauty of the god given in the biblical scholar.  However, I do not agree with the assumption taken in this article by the author. The creativity of god and beauty enriched in this article related to god is based on the assumption. This article work is not based on the material work and it is hard to make believe for the person who does not believe in god.