Assessment Of The Historical Relationship In Between The US And RUSSIA

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Write the notes on the topic "Critically assess the nature of US relations with Russia since 1991. In what ways have these relationships demonstrated the link between security and identity"?

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Nowadays, the world is witnessing the importance of the relationship between the nations. Along with that, the proper maintenance of the relationship in between any two or more nations can be considered as a good faith for the entire world. The relationship in the middle of the United States and Russia is considered as the reciprocal relationship in the middle of United States and the Russian alliance that is the successor condition of Soviet Union. Both the nations keep up the best possible conciliatory and exchange connections in the middle of them. The connection was very great under the Russian president Boris Yeltsin amid the time of 1991 to 1999. In any case, the connection was begun to get biting when the occurrence of NATO shelling occurs in 1999. Since this occurrence, the connection between these two nations has begun to fall apart under the president Vladimir Putin ("No Thaw In US–Russia Nuclear Relations Seen At Recent Conference" 2016). In addition to that, in 2014, the relation between these two countries was strained because of the crisis in the Ukraine. The main aim of this particular study is to evaluate the relationship between the United States and Russia. Along with that, the study also aims to satisfy the different ways through which the two nations demonstrated the proper link in between the security and the identity.

Assessment of the relationship in between the US and Russia since 1991

In late 1980s, the nations from Eastern Europe took the upside of the redirection of the Soviet control under Mikhail Gorbachev and a while later they start to break the principles as for the communism. From that point on, the relationship amidst the two nations has upgraded amazingly in the latest years of the USSR. Around the complete of 1989, the US president George Bush and Gorabachev declared the chilly war over at the Malta Summit. Starting now and into the near future, at the complete of 1991, the Soviet Union was separated and the territory of the Independent communicates that was considered as the free relationship of the past USSR's constituent republic was made. The association between these two nations was extremely kind in the season of Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin in the 1990s. In the midst of the season of Vladimir Putin and George Bush, both the nations have started to have some sort of contrasts (Ditrych 2014).Russia has become more confident in the different international affairs. Along with that, under George Bush, the nation took an enhanced amount of unilateral course in their foreign policy after the Twin Tower attacks. The leadership of Russia has blamed the US officials regarding the fact that they encourage the anti-Russian revolts in Georgia, 2003 during the period of Rose Revolution and the Orange Revolution that happened in the Ukraine. However, both Bush and Putin have maintained a good and warm personal relationship in between them. In 2002, United States withdraw themselves from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty so that they can move forward with the plans regarding the missile defense system ("No Thaw In US–Russia Nuclear Relations Seen At Recent Conference" 2016). However, Putin considered that decision as a big mistake. Along with that, Russia opposed the invasion of Iraq in 2003. At the start of 2007, US announced the plans in order to build a proper installation of the anti-ballistic missile defense in Poland and it was associated with a radar station in the Czech Republic. Both Russia and the US were the members of Warsaw Pact. The officials from the US said that the establishment of the entire system was mainly to protect the US and the Europe from the nuclear attacks that can be done by Iran or North Korea (Stent 2012). 

However, Russia has viewed the entire system as a threat and regarding that threat, they have tested a long-range intercontinental ballistic missile, namely RS-24. This particular missile claims that it can defeat any defense system. The Russian president has warned the US regarding the fact that these kinds of tensions could be harmful for the entire Europe into a barrel of gunpowder. On mid of 2007, the Russian president had warned the US regarding the fact that if the US builds the missile defense system, then Russia would target the missiles at both Poland and the Czech Republic (Davis, 2015). At the end of 2007, the Russian president visited Iran in order to discuss the aid of the Russia regarding the nuclear program of Iran. At the same time, the US president threatened that if Russia wants to avoid the World War iii, then they needs to be interested to prevent Iran to have the necessary knowledge regarding the creation of the nuclear weapon. At the early 2008, Putin stated that, the Russia should have to retarget some of their missile towards the missile defense system (Coleman 2014). At the end of 2008, the relationship between the two nations become more difficult, when both Russia and Georgia gone through a five day war over the Abkhazia and South Ossetia that were the self proclaimed republic of Russia. The relationship was very much difficult during the Bush and Putin’s administration, however the US president Barack Obama and the Russian president Dmitry Medvedev provides a warm tone at the G20 Summit in London and both the nations had provided a joint statement that pledge a fresh and new start to the relationship in between the two nations (Schild, 2013). 

Along with that, a statement was also provided on Iraq in order to abandon their nuclear program and permits the foreign inspectors to have a visit to the country. In July 2009, the US president visited to Moscow where he had the meetings with the Russian president and the Prime Minister. In March 2010, both the nations reached to an agreement in order to reduce their stockpiles of the different nuclear weapons (Kanet 2015). Again, on a visit to Moscow in 2011, the vice president of the US had a meeting with the leading human rights and the different opposition leaders of the Russia. In those meetings the vice president has reported generated the fact that the gathering at the Spaso House at the US ambassador’s residence and it was considered that it would be better for Russia if the Prime minister Vladimir Putin did not run for the re-election in the 2012.

It is evident that since twenty years, cold war had got into the national conflicts between two strong nations the Russia and United States. However the cold war besides creating major drawbacks had ushered into positive relations between both and creating new vision to their existing aspects and mission (Deudney and Ikenberry 2009). It was observed that the nations had drawn principles and agreed to settle under international liberal order that enhanced and assured peace between them. The cold war itself became weapon towards bringing out the peace and bridging the rift between the two. But with time, the Russian shifted and turned against to such policies and agreements and entered into a newer politics resulting in disagreements, conflicts and disappointment. 

There was an expanded pressure amongst Russia and United States post the time of chilly war. As analyzed it is seen that in the time of 2012, Russian general Nikolay Makarov expressed that there may be a probability of a protective strike in the rocket guard locales of Eastern Europe that was to put strain and weight inside the United States in understanding to the Russian cravings. In the time of 2012, NORAD contenders inside the air resistance region around the shore of Alaska seized two Tu-95 Bears. They were under compelling practice in pointing the Fort Greely and Vandenberg Air Force Base. The Akula-class submarine in the time of August 2012, had experienced a watch in the Gulf of Mexico and was not being distinguished legitimately, while raising cautioning alarm inside the United States Navy's against submarine conceivable outcomes of fighting (Deudney and Ikenberry 2009).

In the year of 2012, December, Barack Obama, the U.S. president had formulated and undergone the Magnitsky Act that stated and imposed United States travel restrictions and financial restrictions in relation to human rights and abusers within the territory of Russia. However, in the year of 2012, Vladimir Putin signed the Russian president had signed a significant bill that attempted to restrict and limit United States citizen from any means of child adoption within the territory of Russia (Webster 2013). It was observed after prolong examination that two Russians had been trying to implant nuclear missiles and bombs around the territory of Guam, United States. This was officially reported in the year 2013. In the year of 2014, U.S government was found accusing Russia for violating the nuclear forces and has been suspected of attacking the nation with ballistic missiles and bombs affecting the lives of the millions (Casula, 2010). The Treaty of Nuclear Forces probed into the matter testing the Russian armament and prohibited launching of missile. It is evident that since 1922 to 1991, Russia became largest of all Soviet Union (Stone 2016). There arose a struggle between the capitalists and the communist causing war and social diversification. The significant takeovers of the epic battle were the soviets and states. Russia sooner incorporated several effective strategies in the adoption of democratic and capitalist perspectives. Towards the beginning of the World War II, millions of weapons and equipments were produced and given to multiple countries as well as Soviet Union by the United States (Ginzburg 2014).  

The worth of weapons was lot more than the weapons produced all over the world. In addition, the United States had supported the other countries ion their conflict and war against the Nazi community. This strengthened the relation of United States with other countries whom they were in support of. In relation to the reports and records assessed in the year of 2007, it was assumed that Russia under Vladimir Putin had undergone several cold war conflicts. The Russians had been termed as hackers as they had tried to attack the U.S government systems and the White House as examined by the Secret Service (Sudakov, 2015). It was suspected by the Russian researcher that America is trying to establish Russia as a state by funding for free Radio that is broadcasted in regional languages in the territory of Russia. This strategy is suspected as American propaganda in bringing in Russia as a state. It is observed that United States and Russia have undergone military plans and programs jointly and have been training armies against the counter-terrorist exercises in Germany (Rywkin 2013). This plan was implemented under the consideration of governmental supervision in strengthening the relationship between United States and Russia. As evident, Russian president had formulated a defense system by preparing and modifying missile plans in Azerbaijan. This proposal had disputes besides that was examined and evaluated by the Russian government however was being considered by the United States. Ata later period, around 2008, there was a trigger of tension and pressure in Georgia, when the United States had discarded the coordination and joint venture of NATO-Russia in relation to its military exercises (Webster 2013).


Successful relationship will not result from bridging the gaps and build the bond under common similarities and national interests rather need to address the formulated legacies and unravel the reasons behind the conflicts. It is important for eth two nations in correlating their administrative policy and similarities along way combine the power in extracting liberal and positive outcomes. Russia and the United States need to restore their foreign policy and fundamental desires and interests. In addition, the nation need recover and restore from its existing policy orientation rather implement strategic settlements. They need to revert back with spectacular approaches with unprecedented reversals and agreement on the Russian corner in relation to settlement diplomacy and administrations. The Russians need to seek towards retaining cooperative leadership and management and solve existing difficulties under the supervision of policy makers. Therefore it can be said that, the proper relationship  in between these two nations can enhance their performance in the external level and can make them a step ahead than the other nations.