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Professional practice portfolio - assessment task 2.

Reflective report - analysis of care outcomes.

please use the four main heading within your report as listed below.


2.Application of goal centered approaches to support the individual’s need


4.Reflection on the care outcomes

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Answer :

  1. Introduction

The emphasis is based on the focused case study of a 16 year old boy, who got injured through punching a window pane. He is considered as the aggressive and heavily demanding adolescent as he is tattooed and pierced all over. Additionally the boy is nuisance to the family doctor and the hospital where he is admitted because of nurture behaviour. He is very disturbed as none of his family members and friend has attended him. Additionally, his mother has not reached the location yet. In this aspect it can be stated there are some aspect that are being overlooked and as a result thus boy has turned to be so difficult to treat him with right needs. In this regards, being a Healthcare assistant I have to look into this matter and prepare the boy to get transferred to the local or regional hospital for the acute case of his hand. Here in this aspect, it can be stated that the boy has some psychological needs that are seemed to be not fulfilled in the right manner thus the abrupt needs are playing negatively for the boys aspect. 

  1. Application of goal centred approaches to support the individual’s need

Needs   in the youth support  Application of HCA to help physical and   emotional needs 
Physical   needs
  • Effective        treatment for the hand 
  •  Proper supervision in the physical        treatment and medication 
As   has been documented, the boy is injured and very aggressive due to the over   dose of the drugs he consumed for his treatment as he thinks the regular   doses are not working for his medication. Thus, in order to support the goal,   his effective cure through physical treatment will require significant   supervision by the medical professionals such as his doctor and nurses (Haute, et al. 2016).   However, none of the health professional is likely to attend him for his   aggressive nature. In this aspect, conveying his situation and the aspect   that can help them to treat the boy named Dave and communicate with him in   easy manner. Effective attention and love will help in dealing with the boy   as the boy is insecure of being treated properly (Echemendia,   Giza & Kutcher, 2015). According to psychology, physical health is as   important as mental health and the needs are interrelated with each other in   the significant manner. In the foremost step, it will be important to fulfil   his basic needs and then move onto his secondary needs. However, in this   state, his physical injury is more important to focus on. Besides, the   emotional needs can be fulfilled consequently by the friend’s families and   the concerned HCA executive. To support the practical treatment I can try to   communicate with Dave in the foremost step so that I can assure him that   effective treatment will be provided if he behaves well and cooperates with   the doctor. Supervision is required as it has been documented that the boy is   aggressive enough to make any kind of disrupt in the healthcare premises and   affect other. It is mostly seen that the aggressiveness is a common tendency   in these children due to ineffective fulfilment of the basic needs (Mikkonen, Kyngäs &   Kääriäinen, 2015).     
Emotional   needs 
  • Recognition        
  • Security        
According   to Erick Erickson, there are eight stages of human and each stage have their   own specific needs and that needs are crucial to fulfil unless it will take a   severe turn in the future. As Dave is in his adolescence stage identity and   role confusion is the two significant aspects that the adolescents deal with.   Additionally, trust, inferiority, role confusion and other aspects impacts   the development of a child in the significant manner. Here in this stage the   two fundamental prior needs of Dave are security and recognition (Holmes, 2016). Thus, taking care   if these two emotional needs can help me in accomplishing the goal based   approach to transfer the boy to the local hospital to surgical treatment of   the boy’s hand that is severely injured. In this aspect, defending his needs   is the most crucial aspect. Recognition and security by the family and   friends can help the boy to manage the situation as well as the healthcare   professionals.  

  1. Analysis

Description of the possible stigma: Mental health is an important aspect that deals with the dynamics of mental health. Stigma refers to the attitudes and beliefs that society or an individual holds for other persona (LEAD & LAUDER, 2017). Here in this aspect, the society and health professionals have the negative stigma or attitude towards the boy as piercing tattoos and other personified characteristics of the boy is considered as negative prospects. Additionally, here in this case, stereotypes us also influencing the people related in this case study.  Thus, the influence of social culture and some perceived conducts of the boy have made him very unpopular and problem patient since his arrival. Additionally, his condition of presented in the hospital was able to make a negative impact as he was heavily drunk in the night and got this injury during this time.         

The possible discrimination: As has been documented that, stigma about this boy of the health professional and other persons related to this have negative discrimination. Thus, it can be stated that stigma is the negative influence and attitude and discrimination is the behaviour. As has been documented, any of the health professionals was not likely to attend the boy for his behaviour and the stigma behind it. Additionally, the negative behaviour towards the boy also made him more angry and aggressive as this makes the patient humiliated and insulted (Thornicroft, et al. 2016). Apart from that, negligence of her mother can also be the reason of his attitude. 

The possible differences in world view:  

Stereotype and social cognition are the factors that have significant impact in the mental health patients as well as the patients with normal ability. It has been evident that individual with mental illness, children with Down syndrome and special abilities have to face various intersecting layers of discrimination. This discrimination not only affects the individual personal life but also affects the mental health in the significant manner as they lose hope and depression attacks them. Additionally, mental illness is challenge itself to overcome and world’s view on such aspects make the lives more challenging with the words that people cannot endure. In Dave’s case, the nurse feels he can attack her with any of the object as he appears to very aggressive as the stereotype has fixed the social cognition that alcoholics and people with mental illness tends to attack people with no reason. 

The possible differences in life experiences on family background and upbringing 

According to Psychological supervisors, one’s behaviour, attitude, tendency needs and other mental aspects depends upon the family, background, circumstances and the external environment where a child is brought up. Apart from that needs and wants are also developed with those particulars consequently thereby the personality develops as per the fulfilment of basic physiological and physical needs.  Thus, here in this aspect, it can be stated that there will be some gaps in upbringing him with proper and adequate knowledge on things. Alcohol is health hazard and result significant errors in lifestyle as Dave’s example can be taken under consideration.  Proper security and recognition was not given to him as a result his upbringing and family background are also the reason of this mishap and his mental illness.  

  1. Ref

Identification   of the potential positive aspects Identification   of the potential negative aspects and areas of improvements of the care youth   received 
 The positive aspects that was evident that if   effective supervision and love is given to him he can recover his mental   illness and control his aggression. Need for security and recognition of the   identity can be given to him in the proper manner. Apart from that, if the   boy is treated well from the people he is circulated with can help him recovering   the mental state effectively. Identifying his strength and dealing with his   strengths can be effective approach where as taking care of his weaknesses is   the most important aspect. It has been evident, communicating his problems   has discovered that the boy is mentally very weak as he lacks the security   and isolated from the identity recognition (Mehta et al. 2015) These are the positive aspects   that communicating with him can prove to be very effective and beneficial to   take him to the treatment place for his tendon. Society   and environment plays most significant role here in this aspect as society   can play positive role if effective cultural awareness is spread amongst the   people. Here is some aspect that needs to be taken care of when treating a patient   with mental illness. Stereotype, stigma and other behavioural aspects such as   discrimination affects the patients in the significant manner that creates an   error to the child or the individual. Thus, it is important to stereotypes   and myths needs to eliminate from the culture as the nurse has made up her   mind she will not attend Dave for this stereotype (Meichenbaum, 2017). Making cohesive approach in   communicating with the boy wt love and respect can help. Offending people   with mental health illness can be eliminated.  

  1. Description of the principles of strength based approaches in healthcare

In accordance with the proposed case study, the main purpose of the strength based approach here is to help Dave to deal with the situation and making him able mentally to transfer to the local or regional hospital to cure his severe hand tendon.  Strength based approach is the process of helping an individual to deal with the mental illness and emphasise the strengths to determine his problems and reason behind his mental illness (Chang, Huang, & Lin, 2015). The main principle of strength based approach is to have a strong belief that individual have their own strengths and potentials to live their life with their unique strengths and not their limitations. For instance, Dave is social and communicating with him will help in understanding his potential and judging him in the basis of his appearance is unethical and will be wrong. Additionally, labelling people based on their limitations is not what strength based approach follows (Chen, et al. 2015)

Being a HCA, I would state that Dave was not labelled in this process as this is not the principle and elimination of people labelling is fundamental. Each individual holds an urge to succeed here in this case change is inevitable and change can occur when the social culture and surroundings are well aware of the cultural prospects.  It would be important to note that fulfilling the need appropriately can help in this regards as effective relationships can motivate the individual to overcome such mental challenges. Valuing differences and appreciating diversity is another important principle of strength based approach as each individual comes up with different minds and different intellects (Zwart, Korthagen & Attema-Noordewier, 2015).  

According to psychology, each human mind has different needs and changes in the life stages influences the needs considerably.  Dave, too, has different needs and some of them are not fulfilled with adequate proportion. Taking care of the needs and in the adolescent period is most important as this period is considered t be the most challenging stage of life.  Thus, positive changes can introduce authentic relationships and it has the power to introduce comfort and confidence to an individual. Finally, the building effective relationship with the child, promoting his or her growth, taking care of the needs, positive changes can help the mental health of the individual in significant manner.            

  1. Conclusion

In accordance with the proposed context, it has been evident that psychological needs and physical needs have a significant role-play in individual’s life and personality development. Consequences proposed by the society such as discrimination stigma and more affects individual with mental illness in the significant manner. Applying this aspect effectively to Dave and comforting him with relaxing communication and Professional approaches can help in transferring him to the next step of health treatment as he requires for the tendon. Finally, clinical health and social awareness requires to be implemented as well in this aspect.